This post was meant to be posted before harbour town shopping. 

Last Sunday (5th Oct) we made cookies. When I cook it seems much cheaper just to buy the product. :P But it was fun. Didn't feel up to washing the platter/cupcake holder afterwards (the bottom was buttery) as they weren't dry like packaged cookies, made long long ago. Hence the tissue under the cookies.

The first batch was baked for 15 minutes which resulted in a slightly burnt, crispy cookies. Dislike. No pictures were taken, as we still had enough dough for two more batches.  Round two was baked for 10 minutes - soft, chewy, light. Le beau loves these and so do I. These are the ones pictured. Mother did round 3 which resulted in rock hard cookies that turn my teeth. Let's not spoil the post talking about her though, it's about us. I love cooking/baking with le beau, with her I get a little aggro and passionately hate cooking. 

Perfect Cookies with Unedited Lighting

I wouldn't say I'm a cookie person in that I bake mainly foods as gifts, but more cupcakes than cookies. If there was a plate of cookies on the table I'd eat that though. Cookies to me are made up mainly of butter + sugar. I prefer fluffy, light and airy cupcakes. I've only made cookies on three other occasions, ever. Oatmeal Choc-Chip & Raisins, which were too oaty with a floury taste. They were healthy. If the cookie is healthy you're doing it wrong.  Sugar Cookies which were for work, and burnt a little. And the other time, my first cookie was an ANZAC cookie, which was healthy-ish but still nice. I still remember it was warm and soft.

Loved how these turned out. They were perfect, and this is my 4th time baking cookies so I think it went well. Le beau did most of the work when the mixture got more doughy, like mixing in the chocolate chips and nuts, while I helped. 

There's lots of things I can't anymore, anything that involves using my hands too much (other than writing/typing) I can't use a whisk, knead dough and regret I didn't do it before it was too late, take a picture holding the camera in one hand, playing sport that involves hands/wrist movements like tennis (a tragedy is that le beau & co have a tennis court). He's been so supportive and I'm so lucky to have him. :) 

I love white chocolate, we also have buttons as I bought the wrong one.
Shall we melt then and make cake pops?

The Book

The Recipe
*click to enlarge*

Do you like baking cookies? Or do you prefer to buy them? From Mrs Field's? 
My favorite is Subway's White Choc & Raspberry, his is Sara Lee's Melting Moments. 
What's your favourite cookie?          

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