Pretty... at $70 the most expensive Barbie I've seen that doesn't come with a video camera for a stomach. I wonder what the quality of that one was like. It's sad that the Barbie isle is shrinking as there're so many other dolls on the market today, when I was little Barbies were $50 each and they weren't sold for $10 (the plain ones) at the supermarket.

Interview at Store X. It went better than last year, but I still don't think I got it. Not outgoing and bubbly. Is creative and knows how to style though. 

Took a 30min trip to Noodle Box to find out they're closed! 
Surely they could have mentioned this in on their website! 

Pretty bow tie! Love the polo display.

Grilled Chicken Focaccia $15 $12.50
Turkish Bread. Served with a side salad.

Had an $$ focaccia that was mediocre and something I could have made (generally not a compliment unless we're taking about cake) at Caffe Sienna. Grilled chicken was dry, paired with bocconcini and rocket. Flavours were meh. Still not happy early dinner plans didn't work out. If le beau was here I'd know he'd look up another noodle box location and we'd drive there. But I had to get to class and didn't have time to go anywhere else.

They had nice cakes on display. But how long ago was this made?

We'll be back for coffee one day. Not lunch though that's $$$ here. 

Caffé Sienna on Urbanspoon

At the station they sell deep fried goods, it's cheap too. Tempting but no. At Flinders Metro people were giving out free water :), instead of hot chips I had a mango mini-me boost with raspberry instead of passionfruit. Lots of yoghurt, no ice. I like it, would get it again, but I think as it's a bit thick I'd like to eat it with a spoon.

Class, W11 exam revision coming up. For the past few weeks we've been having mr marketing tut take the lectures, we like him better. I think he's more genuine and doesn't get super dramatic when I ask about something I missed in class. Also mr marketing tut has been to Paris (but not had macarons! nor does he know what that is... not a food person) and likes Durian ice cream. :) 


Bought those shoes. $170 last week, $150 this week. Do they always start that high then take it down a notch the week after? It's still marketed as new stock, not on sale. Still iffy if I want to keep them or not, patent aka shiny = scratches that you can't fix. 

Looks most like bottom right.

Saw a chihuahua, it was white and so cute... Big eyes and it looked sad. :( No picture as the camera was in the car. " a lightly-built dog, tiny and fragile with a large rounded skull and big dark eyes" XD

Gatsby evaluation report due next week. Lots huge but isn't when you divide it by six. Only a couple pages each. There's a 'What I thought of the event' section each person does, mr events tut said to include pictures (everyone liked my pictures :) especially of the chandelier. 

38 minutes. Mr perf is dead. That's the only explanation on why he did not turn up or leave a message. No one turned up to class except me. Was going to watch a Barbie film from the back row, but I couldn't figure out why the sound wasn't working. This is exactly why kids aren't allowed in the room unsupervised. :P

Mr librarian was mean. I told him so. Fortunately I always go to a different library where everyone is nice and actually help you find the book rather than pointing off in the general direction of the shelves. The librarians there are also friendly. 

Track works, left school at 8.30pm, with bad timings and replacement buses we got home at 11pm. :( On the way I bought a chicken for a salad. It was warm and white, you know what else is around the same size as a headless chicken lying down, white and warm? Lucy, my bunny. I got a bit emotional there. :( 


Turns out mr perf called me around 7pm (class goes till 8pm) but I didn't hear/feel it ring. 

Productivity + laziness prevailed today. The mailman didn't come today. Nothing was done, but I did get the info for Sunday's event. Planned a trip to Movenpick for Sunday afternoon. Le beau is away this weekend (still at work) so I'm not seeing him. :( 

This week in cognitive therapy we're learning about thoughts. There's three types pos/neg/neutral. Thoughts affect your feelings and the way you perceive things, like your generally attitude to life. If you're an electron your ability to cope is lower, you're prone to depression, a range of mental illnesses and suicide. 

I'm a bit still stuck on wk 1 work, having trouble figuring out if item x or y is a thought or feeling. I'm not too good with feelings, very repressed. The way I was raised was with Victorian values, it was very strict. Emotions other than various stages/states of rage was a no no. Though rage is one I truly can't control, got most of them. Within the last few years nerves, panic attacks, tantrums and breakdowns have appeared.  

Week 2 is also challenging but not because I can't categorize or recognize things. The topic is positive & realistic thinking, which is something I've been working on for years. Ever since I met le beau, and Hector. They're amazing guys also so optimistic and supportive. They never yell at me or get angry with me (only disappointed mad, which is rare). They both see the best is everyone and everything (except when le beau agrees that manager was a bitch to me) but that's been supportive so it's fine. 

My default state is doomed pessimism our family mottos including 'You can never have too much money' and 'Nothing is ever good enough'. Father complains about those things on a weekly basis (note here that I see him weekly). He is a complainer. I believe it freaking runs in the family, aunty self-appointed family matriarch is a complainer and nagger, as well as grandpa. One of the two people who call me fat. Fat, slow and stupid is how they describe me. I don't need that kind of people in my life. Le beau and Hector is the complete opposite. Emily believes you're attached to men like your father, that's only if he set high standards for his little princess. Father is not invited to the wedding, what does that say about him?

Love this outfit/coat, it's perfect for a vampire who doesn't sparkle.

My penpal, Miss Vancouver has been to Stevenson where they film OUAT!
As she doesn't watch tv she's no where near as excited about it as I am.

Love this sign, the good news is that only guys you meet online are serial killers. :P
I still don't really believe in speaking to strangers, only perhaps to people at work.

This popped up on fb, I'd love to pay $100 a head with drinks!
But we aren't getting married any time soon, but this offer does look good.

How much did you pay for catering per head for your wedding?    

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