7th Monday Oct

Travel 2hrs (one way) for a 15min meeting. Procrastination. Huxtaburger. Very nice, recommended. Chipotle chips, no, too spicy/hot. Like others said they're just freezer chips. Camera battery died, been waiting for it to die all week (low battery). We will be back for pictures and a full review. But we shall be getting fries elsewhere. 

Flashpoint at the Library. The first was interesting (see below). Second, Prophet by Jodi Gallagher, was boring, jas liked it though. Too dense/deep for me, I like to keep it airy/fairy, thinking too deeply causes depression and many manias. The third, Opera for a small mammal by Margaret Cameron, I didn't understand, Regina is a mouse that likes in a theatre is all I got. 

There are trees that are dancers by Monica Raszewski
Writer Vera and artist Hilda meet to conduct an interview for Vera’s new book. The more Vera tries to pin her subject down, the more impossible the interview becomes. The two women find themselves moving towards an increasingly private, strange and at times dangerous space.  


A lazy day, slept in, went to the dr and post. Ultrasound didn't find anything, the dr recommends an MRI at $275, we could perhaps file a worksafe claim. But there's a lower balance of winning as I didn't file an incident report on the day. And so they could say I hurt myself not at work. Not possible, I don't do any heavy lifting except during slave labour aka work (rarely is it slave labour though, most of the time the job is something your nana could do). 

We got two weeks to decided to pursue it or not. And if we do we must get a refund for the tickets we bought for the event happening next year. Dr says not worth it as the injury hasn't cost me that much (yet) and it's not that bad. Yes it is! I get random spurs of pain. Its prevented me from playing tennis ever since as I am no longer capable of holding the damn thing. Also can't hold anything heavy with that hand - this includes my DSLR!   

Issue - "Your injury or illness must be recorded in your workplace's register of injuries within 30 days of you first becoming aware of it or you may not be entitled to compensation." On the day it hurt, but other things hurt  including my arms. Later on, about a week later it had stopped hurting but over time the wrist didn't. Four months later it still hurts, randomly, nothing triggers it in particular, it hurts with I'm doing stuff, it hurts when I'm in bed - not doing anything.

Love this, Lily came across it, she's an art teacher and is always look for 
inspiration for things for her act & craft classes. This one's for the older kids.

Cakes on display at Gloria Jeans.

My favourite picture of the items well, pictured.  

Lily joined me for hot chocolate afterwards :) we both had a white hot chocolate, Gloria Jeans does my favourite hot choc, while not actually using chocolate (choc cafes). 

Lily's pick. Yes I do take lots of pictures of the same thing.

Strawberries & Cream Muffin! Jam and canned cream sadly. 
Not possible with fresh stuff as they don't sell everything they bake/buy 
from a supplier in one day.

Came across this in a shop window, $15, probably on ebay & cheaper. 
Lily loves it, but I'll look for it on ebay for her first. She loves MJ's Daisy.
Edit: It's $5-ish AUD delivered. Link.

This is hilarious!

So is this.

I'm coming back for this when I figure out where to stick it.

Found Dippin' Dots! Mini Melts. Small containers $3.70. $$ for the size.

Flowers we didn't buy.

Flowers we did buy. :P Carnations.

Bought a salad to go with it. XD Lucy didn't eat the flowers.
Discovered I don't like chard, it's yucky. I prefer rocket.
Add olives, ricotta and semi-sun dried tomatoes.

Are you into salads? Which is your favourite?

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