Surprise Mail on Monday @ Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday 21st Oct

Productivity fail. Tired from yesterday we slept in till 2.30pm. Had a meeting today but didn't go as I was waiting for the mail (big boxes for the event on the weekend) which never came... Gate was left unlocked and a woman with a big yellow umbrella got in (not the mailman) asked something on the lines of 'join my church'. No thanks. I'm keeping the gates locked next time. Someone else got to the door and rattled the door knob for some unknown reason, we got scared and hid for a while. That was the mailman, but not with the merchandise for work I was waiting for...    

Surprise mail! I love surprise mail, it's rare as I know what I'm expecting. Protein no rum balls (I'm not eating that), a face mask (like) two lipstick/glosses from Innoxa, an empty spritz bottle and two essential oils. 

I do love face masks (except that formula something brand which burns)
 but don't really buy them as I don't think they do much.

What's the point of wearing lipstick if it's nude? Not my style, so this one's for Lily (there are lots of advantages to being my friend, especially if you're my only close female friend) who likes nude lipsticks. The Lip Glaze/Gloss was also nude and smells like coconuts though the name is Guava. 

I love Aromatherapy  once I actively pursued it, but then realized it's an expensive hobby. Quality essential oils are expensive here though not back home. The cheapest quality ones you can get are from the Body Shop for $10 (Christmas Edition). 

There's a number of ways you can use essential oils, in the bath, for steaming, compression, massage and room spray. I like the last two. Though I only know how to make a room spray (oil + vodka + water). Here's a guide

Oil Garden Aromatherapy looks like a quality brand. We received a spritz bottle (note that the bottle is empty and is meant to be - though in the stock picture they have it with liquid...) and two oils: Geranim (a flower that I didn't know had a scent) and Neroli (flower on a orange/lemon tree). I quite like the later.  

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British dramas are the best! It's the accents!


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