Hello Procrastination @ Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Got up at noon, late for a meeting... Goal setting for exams. Raced to the dr, 2mins past 4pm as the nurse isn't paid overtime (yes she said that) she said come back another day.

Wore the new shoes today, love the new height! (I'm short btw.) And I can actually walk in these, just need to remember heel toe and not the other way around (default). Can't run and can't go anywhere dirty like the streets near school though. Will only wear these when heels are essential I think, because it's shiny and gets damaged easily. Got to clean it often, here's some info on patent leather. 

Four big boxes arrived, PRD merchandise. We have the excel stuff ready to do stock count, before and after, also got a spreadsheet to record sales on the day. Though we tend to forgot to record it... Father being the permanent pessimist said no one's going to buy it. He seems to be under the impression I'm selling it from home... I'll be selling it at the mall on Saturday.

$10 Bangles

Not the cake from Michel's Patisserie.

Andy's b'day. Cake from Michel's Patisserie, way to creamy, didn't like the sponge, cream straight from a can. For unknown reasons another cake was bought, a cream sponge from Safeway, much cheaper but also much nicer than the first cake. Fresh cream was used. For my b'day I don't want a sponge cake though, I want something perhaps from LuxBite.  

Discovered a new show, Garrow's Law a British period legal drama about the 18th-century lawyer William Garrow. We do love period dramas, though this one's a bit meh, set in a court room it's not that entertaining. That and there's one main female character. Georgian era. Everyone's kinda old, I think it is more for adults than for me. Here's some info on the show.


Woke up in the afternoon, bad dreams about trying to escape a building high up, windows too small and high up to get through. 

Counted stock. Someone forgot to lock the gates as the mailman dropped off a parcel at the door. Voice recorders, an $$$ one that you can recharge via the computer or plug in the wall vs a $ one that uses batteries (non-rechargeable)?

Shopping. 4 tubs of ice cream, 16 Drumstick Cones, 12 Bounty & Mars sticks ice cream. Spent around $50 on ice cream. :P I may hoard sweets a little, but I don't eat them all at once. We have a rule where we can only open something sweet once a week e.g. TimTams and must share (if possible). With ice cream it used to be every 2nd night but now it's twice a week. And Monday is always the start of the week, not sometimes Sunday.

Not my picture of the Mars Bar Ice Cream, which was average. Nothing special. 

Do you a have a rule to limit dessert? 


I had a dream that I was awake and there were glow-in-the-dark plastic bones in the bed. That didn't go too well. Productivity isn't going to well. We've typed up the Maslow notes but it's not enough. Doing further research. Topic 1/7. 4 huge topics and 3 slightly smaller ones. 

Blogger Sally Li said... on October 29, 2013 at 11:37 AM  

that's a load of ice cream. how do you manage to get through it all?

Blogger Charlie said... on October 29, 2013 at 11:30 PM  

a. We don't plan on buying ice cream till after Summer 2014.

b. Andy eats ice cream by the bowl - we're American, and as a nation are known to "eat like there's no tomorrow". XD

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