Midsummer Night's Adventures @ Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Friday 25th October

The mall had run out of stock a little before 2pm (open till 9pm) so we sent more stock, business is great. :) It's for charity by the way. 

Saw Freud on the bus, after all this time I still have my touch. XD *evil laugh* Mr B one of my favourites (nice guy, average gym teacher, once slipped me the answers for a test before the test) went home (he's from Cali too), we lost touch so I didn't find out till now. 

Saw a different nurse this time, a guy with three piercings in one ear. He took 5 vials of blood! I don't do well with blood, story of why I'm not a dr. :P Nothing turned up on the x-ray as expected, he thinks it's a ligaments thing. Therapy, bad things happen why we talk about Austin. No I can't be an adult about it! I just don't want to see him. And yes it is possible for us to avoid each other which is what we've been doing, and it's going very well.

Dinner, take-away back to the apartment. 

LOTF with Parisan sauce, Jas isn't sure what that is. And I don't know why it's turning into jelly like instead of staying saucy. Burger from Huxtaburger. Best burger ever! Though I felt it was better the first time (theory on levels of satisfaction over time). It was messy with the melted cheese and sauce.

Concert at Town Hall. 27 Organ pipes that I could see. Trumpet Voluntary! Diane's Wedding Song. And our graduation piece. Not my wedding song though, learning towards Cannon in D.

As always it was great, magical. This concert was better than Beethoven (no 5th sympothy). The conductor was very young, 30-ish. We had front row tickets and could see he was married. Great seats, as the floor was flat as it was a hall. Think Springfield Town Hall. 

Salted Caramel Crunch
Two buttermilk pancakes topped with vanilla ice-cream, 
warm salted caramel sauce and roasted almonds. 

Love lemonade. :P We never buy soda.

It was average, nothing special. Same price at chocolate cafe. Overpriced.

We shared the pancakes, a pint of lemonade and had hot chocolate at the Pancake Parlour afterwards. The total was $21 with my student discount and a BOGOF code. Jas says they're trying to be more upmarket, like they can get any more $$.   

Everything was nice, love lemonade served in a pint beer-esque mug. Hot chocolate was nice, but I still prefer the white hot choc at Gloria Jeans, which is around the same price. $6-something. But then again that's around the same price you'd pay at a chocolate cafe. 

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