Tandoor Indian in South Yarra @ Thursday, October 03, 2013

Last Tuesday we were going to a show at Chapel on Chapel St, and we let him pick a place for dinner as I didn't have anything on my wishlist in the area. He choose Tandoor, Indian and then drove far past it... I always recommend checking out the street view if you can. This place is next to a picture framing shop and opposite a beautiful Braille Library, built in the Edwardian period in the Queen Anne style. Unfortunately there wasn't much style to where we went.

They have a special offer I was very interested in. 25% off the bill ($25 max - savings) if you pay in cash. T&C? Book via email at least 48hrs in advance. Unfortunately jas picked suggested this place with 36hrs. Just a tip for those who want to dine her - plan in advance.

Also note that with their online menu it's the price for take-away, and you have to order via phone. Needless to say we paid more than what was listed. This place is deceitful and based on that we wouldn't be back. Let's get to the food.

The Setting - Not much atmosphere, other than Indian music.

We ordered...

No.15 Saag Lamb Curry $15.00*

Jas had no.15 the saag lamb curry cookied in spinach sauce, which was green and had lots of herbs. You could choose between lamb or chicken (same price). He liked it, not much to say other than that, and the fact that he had never ordered this before. Not a guy of many words. Which is funny cause he has lots of say when it comes to his blog, many thoughts, not many words. 

No.27 Paneer Butter Masala $15.00*

I had the no.27 paneer butter masala - the cottage cheese dish I sampled last time. It's "cubes of cottage cheese, deep fried then cooked with onion, tomato, ginger, fresh coriander and cream." I liked my dish but not jas's dish, he was vice versa. I like cheese and I like sweet things, the dish I had (the orange one) was a bit sweet which he didn't like. He said it was strange.

Plain & Garlic Naan $5.00*

This place is listed as $$ on Urbanspoon as mains are $15+ especially as rice & naan/roti is ordered separately  We had the plain naan and garlic naan. As always I love naan, though I prefer the plain over garlic, garlic was too buttery.

Zaffarani Pulao $5.00* 

Basmati rice with cumin seeds, butter & saffron. The rice was great! With yellow rice and raisins it reminded me of the lamb stew I had at the museum. Definitely will attempt making this at home. 

Service started out good but then decreased to neutral at the check out, nevertheless we still tipped. There was not really a till but instead a draw, and they didn't even have a tray where you could put everything separately, everything was just thrown in there.

The bill came to $44.70, $23-ish each which was alright, though it was just mains with essential sides ie. rice & naan. Red Pepper on Bourke St has better prices and their dishes include rice or naan. But I did love the yellow saffron rice here - which I've had before at the museum.

Would we go here again and recommend this place? Maybe, only if you're in town - but get take-away, at the end of the road there's a park, you could have an Indian picnic. :P I'd also recommend the no.27 paneer butter masala, but truly it's a bit more than mild as listed. Also best to order a serving of rice per person. And above all order take-away before you get there or book way in advance for dine-in.    

T/a and dine in prices are different. Better deals for t/a too. Toilets are scary - not the thing itself, but the location out back, as in outside like Grill'd Yarraville. Don't go unless you have to.

*The prices listed are take-away prices, we paid more than that - and that was before the tip. As always jas believes in tipping and I only tip when I'm with him, and service was good. It was average this time.

What's your favourite Indian restaurant?

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