Enchanted @ Friday, October 04, 2013

We finally saw Enchanted last week!

Giselle lives in a cute cottage in the woods.

She sings about meeting her true love. 
Animals & sapphires from Snow White!

On the other side of the wood Price Edward is out hunting trolls.
He too sings about finding the one. And they meet!

Giselle hurries off to the place to marry him, but his step-mother Queen Narissa (Snow White's Evil Queen + Sleeping Beauty Evil Fairy, Maleficent  wants to be queen forever so she pushes Giselle into a portal that opens up in New York City.

Giselle's Wedding Dress

Dress without the hoops. It weight 20kgs.

Staying at Robert's apartment (at his daughter's insistence) she cleans up the bachelor pad. With the help from her new pests + pigeon friends, a classic SW move, she also scrubs the bathroom like Cinderella.

There's more singing. Whistle while you work? Happy working song.

What's the chance that a modern NY guy has a sewing machine?
We assume that his ex-wife is dead rather than she left him.
A dress or two is made out of the curtains.

Meanwhile her Prince Edward has arrived  to NY to find her,
along with his servant (or rather the Queen's) Nathaniel - you know he's evil
as he always plays the bad guy. Wormtail in HP, the Beadle in Sweeney Todd.

The costume also included padding in the chest, buttocks and crotch, which gave Marsden the "same exaggerated proportions as an animated character" and "posture – his back is straight, the sleeves are up and never collapse". XD

Robert tries to set Giselle free from his responsibilities.
That doesn't go too well, and she sings "How does she know?"



The Queen soon arrives.

She looks better as a cartoon.

Her costume is scaly as she later turns into a dragon.
It looks like something off a high fashion runway.

At the ball she turns into the old hag and offers Giselle the apple. 

She "dies" and will remain dead unless she receives true love's kiss before midnight.

Prince Edward's kiss doesn't wake her, but Robert's does.
Surprised Edward let her go that easily.

Unlike in Sleeping Beauty, the dragon comes later.
Climbs the building with Robert in hand, King Kong style.
Falls off the tower and dies in a poof. Why can't it fly or breathe fire?

It's the end of Price Edward & Giselle.

But he finds her shoe and it fits Nancy, Robert's girlfriend. 
And they run off and jump down the rabbit hole off to Fairy Tale Land.
Where there's phone reception and they live happily ever after.

Does anyone else find it strange that both women would give up their land 
to go live with their price in another world where they have nothing?  

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