China Bar - Exhibition St @ Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wednesday 13th Nov

Today we went out to lunch at China Bar. Best to walk from Parliament Station.

I do like the deco.

Fried Money Bags. Normally these use low quality mystery meat, 
but this was nice, love prawns. Dip it in plum sauce.

There's a noodle bar, three types to choose as your base.

Stir-fry veggies.

Dish #1
Prawns, chicken, roast chicken. Coconut rice.
Money bags, deep fried boiled egg, crumbled fish.
Prawn cracker, these are nice. Everything was nice.
Nothing outstanding, crumbled fish was meh.

Shanghai Dumplings

Mung Bean Balls, these are nice. Asian dessert I think.
Deep fried boiled eggs, fried won ton?

Yum Cha Baskets. Wrap was soggy...

Dish #2
Prawn dumpling, bland with a soggy skin. Sushi.
Mung bean balls. Duck, love duck, but it was a bit dry.

Sushi. Food court stuff, my favourite place is much better. 

They didn't have mussels this time which was disappointing. I ate raw fish... it was ok. Sushi I felt was below average, and so was the prawn dumpling which had a soggy wrapper.

Skip the novelty chocolate fountain.

Italian Cookies.

Dessert fared much better. Took picture of everything. :P There was ice cream cones sitting in a tray of coloured caster sugar (no I didn't taste it). It turned out to be mint (toothpaste) cream.

Mini Coconut Tarts

The berry mousse was too gelatinee, dense and tasteless. Creme brulee was lumpy...

Tropical Grass Jelly & Logan Cheese Bavaria.
Love these, do try them.

Peach Tart & Champagne Jelly

Dish #1

The mini eclair was cute but mediocre. 

Tropical Grass Jelly. The yellow is jack fruit. <3

Tiramisu was too dense and not cake at all! 
Liked the Baked Cheesecake and sesame seed one - 
that was pretty good and very creamy - no cake, just cream. 

Pavlova was good, and the kiwi mousse was great. 
Would have had seconds of that one but I think I ate too much.

Creme brulee was encased in a chocolate cake cup, a dense cheesecake base.
It was stale I think! And to make things worse the inside was lumpy. 

The Bill

It was good, but not worth full-price unless you eat heaps. We paid $35-ish for the both of us. Jas had to dash off to work so didn't stay long. Nothing wrong with being alone. The manager was pleasant and one of the waitresses was very friend (most of the time they don't say much or smile, they just refill your water glasses and take away plates). 

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