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Monday 11th November

Not my picture.

Freedom! Actually we're still on exams, but they're in the first week of December so at the moment they seem ages away. Though we still got 3 essays to write, plan and all. I do like dinner mints. 

I like to bake and gift my cupcakes, the rare cookie and other treats, so today I'd thought I show you where to get the packaging supplies. First up is twine, I love this stuff but there isn't much of it in Australia though it's not as rare as ModPodge, it's just expensive. I like to buy twine from Angie at 'Whimsy Farm Twine' it's $5/100m 4 ply and postage is $8 (flat rate) so I like to buy a few at a time. It's a small business out in the country Drouin (Victoria), Angie offers free pick-up if you just happen to be in town. This is the cheapest twine you'll find here and it's good quality too. My favourites would be the classic 'Rosalie' - Red & White and 'Felicity' - Bright Pink & White.

Clear plastic resealable bags go for 40c-ish each on average at party supply stores. You're getting ripped of. The best place to buy these is at your cheap asian stores, the ones that sell random things. I get mine from 'Stuff n' Nonsense' near Coles at Chadstone, it's $2 for a pack of 40, making them 5c each. Great deal. They come in two sizes and are clear, just the way I like it, but you could always add pretties to them with washi tape or stickers, I'm thinking dots.

Brown paper bags are fun. You see them at McD, the local corner store (or Milk Bar I'm told they're called here) and at your fun basement stores. :P Never ever buy these from party supply stores, most small specialty stores are a rip off. While I don't use these and have never bought them you could get them cheaply from an asian discount store or at Coles/Safeway.


Went to see the doctor for the scan, that's happening next week. Why do they have food magazine in the waiting room? As it was within the shopping complex we went for a little browse. Kmart has $2 tomato timers, perfect if you want to try the Pomodoro Technique. As they tick I didn't get one, I prefer those silent clocks. Wanted to get some Coke Lip Smackers but we all know they're a novelty thing for tweens and aren't very moisturizing.  

Bought. I love the Bounty Ice Cream, and best of all it comes in twos in a bar so you can share. The Mars wasn't that impressive though le beau & Adrian liked it as they had it growing up, a nostalgic thing. Haven't had the fudge yet. Once I made white fudge it was awesome - but my friend Mandy didn't like it and let it rot under her bed, literally. Butterfingers for Andy, I prefer Crunchie Ice Cream Bites.

Peter Rabbit. Like these but they're $15 each.

This is nice I think but at the same time a bit much.

It's Christmas! Or maybe just in retail world and art&craft world.

My stash from last year, we're going to use it this year.

Dymocks - We ordered some books as we have a gift card. Modern Dating and a Guide to Life. Expected to arrive in Jan. Wow it's like the rate of traveling from America to England in the 20s/30s! Dymocks is a rip off, buy from Book Depository instead and always compare prices using (Australia only).

Mimco - Pretty hair tie... Such a beautiful thing is wasted in this form. I'd like to make it into a brooch or something after the elastic dies. It's so beautiful, if it was gold instead of silver it could be Tudor-era inspired. Though Ruby was more popular back then.

Target - Candle holder. Dusty... reminds me of the Kikki K ones.

Priceline - In shower body moisturizer. Giving it another try.

Cute plane sized soda! Not a pepsi fan though.

Surprise mail, a bottle of perfume that I don't like. I really like the bottle though. :P
Actually it's still coming, but I know it's coming.


Lunch at China Bar 

Having consumed much more than I do in a day or two home alone 
I walked everywhere for the rest of the day. This is one of my favourite cake shops,
Maxim's is located in China Town, near Target. 

Went shopping (planned) got some show advice on patent leather for the shoe I bough last time, with crappy service it was a just pay, take it and go. At MC the SA was really nice and said...
- waterproof the inside (leather)
- clean it with a damp cloth after wear
- windex can be used to clean it

Next we stopped by Mimco, for another accessory (I had giftcards to use). Debate on white vs purple, the SA said the white looks Marc Jacobs-y, true and it goes with my bk/w blazer. However purple is blingy. I went with the purple.

Typo - I <3 toadstools.

Perfect for those with limited space. Or for the Barbie Mansion.

Washi tape balloons. Glitter antlers. Gold skull for your tree.
The bag is perfect, also comes as a card. Remember to pay cash.

Snow Fairy Massage Bar

Lush, I love how amazing it all smells. They should sell food. Bought a massage bar, the Snow Fairy one. Smaller than the clock one last year, it's around the same size as the heart massage bar. This SF smells like the snow gel with a bit of latex or something to powder it down, still got its glitter though. Perhaps it's meant to be more of a shimmer bar than for massage. 

Priceline, bought a pressed powder. The SA was great and had super sensitive skin too. Said L'Oreal is full of chemicals, Natio and a few other brands are better. Physicians Formula's good for a more dense (?) base, for night make-up. But for summer she recommends Natio. For a toner she recommends Simple, a UK brand. The Natio one stings a little, but it does smell amazing.


Invitation to the 'Black & White Masked Ball'! Actually it's Christmas Party, but that's a theme I like and I've always wanted to go to a not slutty masked event (last one had a competition for the shortest dress, middle school sucked - literally in the gym changerooms).


Work. 6hrs. I wore a black shirt with ruffles and a 50s skirt, three compliments, all three thought it was a dress as it was all black. My task was to scan people who went into the expo. I was at one of the doors, the one with less people as it was door 10 (entry is near door 1) with the IT guy, bar pro with piercing and tattoos (big ones, not a dumb butterfly or word), who's a bit of a dare devil. He was younger than me! He had nice hair and said he wasn't gay, just a pretty boy. But I didn't think he was gay or anything. The other guy was the security guy who loved the 'Great Gatsby'. IT guy loves 'Sweeney Todd' yay! And they both are very into cars... 

The organizer was pretty cool, went to the same college, did weddings which is on the weekends. Decided to go for a more mainstream hours job and ended up in trade shows, which she says is more work than wedding! The expo was cooler than I thought, it was a big meet of suppliers (lots of sweat shops) and buyers. There was a supplier for Taracash that I recognized, a stall of bling and another of handmade felt hair accessories for girls. No pictures were taken as there were signs everywhere (like that was going to stop me :P) but there were also people watching.

Someone was late... so bad things happened. Missed a class...

We saw a white duck, lots of ducklings (grey & black) and black swans with numbers that could fly, the swans, not the numbers. Jas didn't think they could fly as they're big, and I didn't know as I've never really seen them before, except once.

Went to the 'Taste of Melbourne' which I didn't plan to (tickets for entry is $25/$30 and not worth it). That and I was also working Fri-Sun. It's called the 'taste event' as they do small dishes and you try everything. It was pretty cool, loved the ice cream. And stepped in a lot of mud and bird sh*t (though the last could have been avoided by keeping off the grass...).

Did you go to the 'Taste of Melbourne'? They'll be another full post on that coming up.

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