Typo Sale! @ Sunday, November 17, 2013

I love Typo they always have cool stationary and deco, and lots of 'Keep Calm...' cards too. This is one of the rare shops where both le beau & I shop (he's not into Kikki K or Alannah Hill naturally). Great place to get a giftcard for your office Secret Santa whenever it's a Sam or Chris (you mightn't even know their gender and it works) - everyone like stationary, expect minimalists who want to pave the yard.

I love this toadstool! It opens up.

We're going to add a black ring cushion and have our rings it it.

There's a quality control issue. Lumps & Bumps.
Also the white dots aren't sealed in - handle with care.
Thinking of coating them with ModPodge. Suggestions?

I would have really loved a red one.

Novelty measuring cups I shall use for deco. Impractical, low quality.
Hand-wash, no dishwasher/microwave/oven. Uneven paint job.

Tealight Candle Holders
Very low $2+ Shop quality, thin glass, with lumps & bumps.
Typo quality sometimes seems par with Cotton On Crap.
Except with their stationary - like pens/paper goods.
Was $20, bought for $5. Target has better quality.

Others things we bought included a lefty-friendly spiral notebook, socks, things for the gift shelf, and a crafty paper puncher - crap quality, Smiggle does better ones. Though the best ones are $16 and high quality/durability by Stampin' Up. Edit: It does work, I'm just not strong enough to work the Typo one.

Do you shop at Typo?

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