Lust Have It! - Bridal Party Box @ Saturday, November 16, 2013

Compensation for a meh picture with editing photo editing skills.
The box is white on top, not rosy with ribbons and pale stripes.

Lust Have It! sells beauty subscription boxes (starting from $20 per month) they have the original/classic ($20) one with fashion accessories + beauty ($35) and a natural/organic box ($30 each quarter). Their latest box is one for the girls, a lovely gift for the bridesmaids naturally called the 'Bridal Party Box', it's physically smaller than their other boxes, but as the saying goes it's not about how big is it, it's what you do with it :P - in this case it's filled with products that aren't budget brands like DB. This box isn't a subscription, it's a one off box. And at $50 I'd potentially buy it. Here's another intro & more info.

I love opening up presents! Didn't buy this, won it in a competition. :)
Tissue paper is always good, it increases value and adds the $$$ feeling.



Inika Mineral Illuminisor $45

Use this gorgeous product as a highlighter on the cheeks and brow bone or dust over the entire face and decolletage to enhance your complexion and create an all-over healthy glow. I believe illuminisors is more for dull/dry not oily skin, or perhaps for contouring/highlighting. Colour. Swatch. This is above your (or just mine) basic "no make-up" face. I never knew make-up was so expensive...

Revlon PhotoReady Skinlights Face Illuminator $30

Designed to enhance skin’s natural radiance and boost natural illuminosity, minimise flaws and illuminate complexion with a hint of sheer colour. Note that this brand sometimes has sales, at the moment with 20% off it's $24 at Priceline. The discount department stores also have this on sale sometimes. This product has great reviews. Swatch.

ModelCo Gel Eyeliner with Inbuilt Brush $26

Create dramatically defined eyes! This smooth, gel-based eye liner achieves beautiful, long-lasting lines, offering the precision of a liquid liner with the application ease of a gel for effortless beauty. Top half of the lid detaches as the brush, it's pretty cool. This is my favourite item in the box as I do love black eyeliner. Edit: It smudges and I end up with Panda Eyes at the end of the day, I prefer the Rimmel Crayon for eyes. 

Lonvitalite C9 Moisturising Hand Mask $4.50

Often the hands are overlooked in therapy treatments but really they’re one of the first giveaways of a person’s age! Give your hands some TLC with these simple to use, cloth hydrating gloves. Innovation! Instead of wearing a thick lotion and covering up with gloves why not make a glove with the lotion within? Genius! Next there'll be socks like these. What le beau thinks of this - "Does your hand really need a mask? I thought those were for your face?"

Appelles Bath Caviar – Amber and Patchouli $6.25

Sold in packs of 4 tubs for $25. Drop a handful into the tub and immerse yourself. The wonderful aromas of musky amber and spicy patchouli permeate the bathroom as the soothing moisturisers leave your skin smooth and supple. Picture. I love bath products! As I don't take them often and still have lots of Lush products from last December, my "handful" will probably be the whole tub. One of the top 3 pictures of the month!

Paula’s Choice Blotting Papers $15

These handy, discreet papers absorb excess surface oil and leave your skin smooth and matte without disturbing your makeup. Great for touch ups throughout the day. I thought this was kraft paper and so did le beau, till we read it. XD Reviews say this product is meh/average. I love the Clean & Clear one (blue, flimsy and plastic).

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray 20ml $14

This weightless mist works hard to make sure you look your very best. If your makeup is too shiny, dry, melting, creasing, or fading – lightly spray over your makeup to have that “just applied” look that lasts all day. Always wanted to try a finishing spray, though my information search wasn't so passive. This has great reviews and is very affordable - in the smaller size. Though for this box I think the Bridal version (there's more than one they is finishing spray?) would have been a better match. 

WotNot Facial Wipes - Sample/Travel Size

$8. WotNot wipes are the only wipes to contain completely natural and all nourishing ingredients. Enriched with healing certified organic rosehip oil, aloe vera and sweet almond oil your skin will feel nourished, moisturised and rejuvenated with every use. This product was launched/promoted a while back and I got one a sample (full size), it's very gentle, physically soft and does the job well. But it smells funny and is never on sale, so I shall be sticking to FOA.

MacroLash Mascara $40

A new innovation that lets you brush longer, thicker more luscious lashes right onto your own lashes. Instead of just coating lashes, MacroLash actually brushes real lash-like fibres right onto your natural lashes. The result? Finally you can thicken and lengthen lashes in just seconds anytime, anywhere.

This looks interesting. I really hope that the fibre don't fall into my eyes! This product has mixed reviews. While I love fake lashes they're challenging to put on (or maybe it's just me). I do think $40 is too much for a mascara, especially as according to out PT at the modeling academy (no judging, that was a long time ago) said they last 3mths before you have to throw it out.

‘Pig in Mud’ Mineral Masks Trial Pack with Brush

$12. Detox, tone, revitalise, remove blackheads, reduce pores, smooth rough skin, reduce signs of ageing and recover from breakouts. Every masks comes with a bonus mask application brush. I've tried this before, and found it meh. But I only tried it once and am happy to give another go. Here's a guide on how to use it. By the way their products look great and they do sell a trial size set for $10 Link

What did I think of the box? I like it and if I was a very busy person I'd definitely buy it. There's a great range and I would actually use all of them (though not actively go looking for them). The products aren't too complex so you could incorporate most of the product for your daily face. Great gifts I'm sure all the girls would appreciate from the beauty blogger to the newbie. Though along with the box I'd like to get them a personalized initial necklace of some sort.

In a way it's sad that I miss out on the experience of having a bridal party as all my friends are boys/men, except my SIL Lily who's kindly offered to be my only bridesmaid - she's crafty and will be very helpful. :) Therefore will end up getting a big hamper of thank you gifts. The men are ok with doing girly stuff with us though, like high tea (in costume of course) and future trips to the day spa
Oh and for those of you aren't nocturnal and prefer pictures with natural lighting Miss Tango 2 has them. The links for all the swatches above are hers.

What do you think of the 'Bridal Party Box'?

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