Friday 8th November

Last Friday afternoon we went to two workshops at Melbourne Central, run by NoteMaker they sell stationary online, from many different designers across four cities and two countries, including Paris and London. Throughout November they're running a pop-up shop and some cool workshops, marketing MT Tape. Which for your crafty ladies is washi tape. 

For you boys washi tape is masking tape that's small, comes in various widths and designs, most of the time isn't solid - transparent to a degree, and like masking tape you can take it off most things without destroying it (the exception I discovered is glossy paper). 

Pretty sure most people don't like it when you take pictures of them talking.

I was super excited about going to the event as I've read lots about washi tape, you could do like anything with it, from card making, deco to using it in organizing stuff. But I've never actually used it before, as it's not a big thing here, or just not as big as back home. I also think that Americans are more crafty in a way (adults that is, and mainly women, and not just your nanna), but that's probably just because there's so many of us. :P

How amazing is the "set" stage / shop design? The tables are boxes, and some of them are used for storage. I found it odd that they weren't all temporary glued together in some way, lets hope no one leans/falls into them! The walls are floors are made of/decorated with washi tape! It was done all off-site, and the team put the whole set together at night 7pm-4am on a Sunday night. There's also so cubby houses.

I was the first person to arrive for the workshop and one of two who turned up out of the 10 that rsvped. The registrations were released 4pm, I came across it at 7pm and still managed to get into all the workshops I wanted! That's pretty amazing, as I'm not one of those people in the office with their email always open.

Today's workshops were hosted by Beci Orpin, a designer-illustrator based in Melbourne. She wore silver glitter loafers! I love glitter! Forever searching for Dorothy's Ruby Slippers. Anyway Beci's done some amazing stuff, including the design with hexagons for Kit Cosmetics that many of you would have seen around. For you foodies she designed Beatbox Kitchen, food van. Beci is promoting and selling signed copies of her second book, 'Home' featuring 25 amazing project for your home for $40. Find & Keep was her first book, and that's the first picture.

Notebook Design Workshop with Beci Orpin

Beci showed us examples of her designs on a series of graph paper notebooks and then we could design our own. There were a few colours to choose from, kraft, cream, rose pink and lavender. I am I planner, I design and sketch before I touch anything. And yes I do use a ruler. So this improv tasks was a bit challenging though I did do some stuff without following the model exactly. 

The first design for a criss-cross by Beci, I chose this one as it looks interesting, though not my style - remember we are trying new things. My ideal notebook is black and leather with refillable pages with a spiral binding. Lined with dots, or unlined. If I could go back I'd leave it with the pink stripes. But I do love the roses/gingerham/dots design.

Design no.1 - The Criss-Cross

Design no.2 - Inspired by Lily for Lily

This design was more free/less planned with less lines than the first. Lily is my only close friend who is female and likes pretty things (not true Helen likes them too, but I don't feel as connected to her as we have a big age difference and different interests - she's a surgeon and a baker who makes great pies). Lily & I have done wedding planning together, and her colour theme is purple (close to lavender), Tiffany blue with gold accents. She's so lucky in that she knows exactly which colours she wants. I like this one more than the first design, and so did Lily.

Notebooks and Something to Keep Them Closed

That pretty washi tape I used on the notebook.

There was lots of designs, including limited edition Australian Designs.
I like dots/spots, red/gold Harlequin and bk/gold. Basic lines aren't my thing. 
Lots of tooth hound check, that would be popular with designer lovers, DJ pattern.

Doesn't that red one with 45 degree angle white lines remind you of sashimi?

Patterns - The blue reminds me of Fine China.

This is the main width they came in (15mm), but they do have bigger rolls.
How much are they? Not sure, but mine came up as $7 each or 2 for $10.

Bundles - I did change the lighting a lot here, but they do have lots of neons.

Boxed Sets. No price tags anywhere. Might deter some potential customers.

Workshop no.2 - DIY Bunting with Beci Orpin

We signed up for both workshops on Friday. :) The second workshop was bunting, which is triangle flags on string, to create a banner. It's something else I've read about but have never done. Normal bunting requires an iron and masking tape, you iron on the tape onto the back of the fabric triangle, the bit you're going to seal (think of an envelope) and that transfers the glue.

By this time it was in the afternoon and there were a lot more people around, we ever had two guys (a man in a suit, and an over-egotastic very tall school boy) join us. We were given a set of triangles each (10) and string, and off we went. I felt less anxious(?) about this as I had an idea of what I liked now. My theme was pink and gold, which went really well and I loved three of the designs, no.2 and 3 from the left side, and top right picture below, the middle one. 

You can buy a bunting kit for $3.50 and I think it wouldn't include doing it there, 
but I will find out. Educated guess says no, as I'd charge like $5-$7 to incl. tape.

Friday Creations

Bought. $7 each or $5 for two.

We had a great time, the workshops went for an hour each but I ended up spending 4hrs there. Even though we were inside it was wet/windy/very cold at times, being at the end of a tunnel. Also the lighting changed throughout the time we were there, it started out sunny but the was wet and windy - typical Spring weather. Can't decided between sunny or wet and windy.

There's a few other workshops running throughout the month but they're all booked out so there's not much point telling you about them, till after. But they do have a workstation where you can decorate a dot for fun, and enter a competition  I entered, but for fun, it's completely subjective and not my specialization (25WOL). 

So if you happen to be in the city come check it out, the shop is at Melbourne Central, opposite the clock (which is down for maintenance until December) open same hours as the mall and it'll be here till the end of the month.

Since this is not a sponsored post and as a bargain hunter I shall tell you that MT Tape (the brand) isn't the cheapest washi tape you'll find. So here are some links to where I'm buying my tape, they're all 10 meters a roll. 

$1 each + $9 flat postage.
2 designs set, 8mtrs each $5 (for the pack)
Small range. 

Anna's Craft Cupboard
$2.25 each + $8 post
Huge range! Bought 6 rolls $20

Craft Queen
$3.50 each + $6 post
Prices start from $3.50 a roll, huge range

(3 sets of 2 rolls) $8
$10 shipping, but you can pick up.
Very very limited designs.

Are you into art & craft? Experimented with washi tape?

Blogger Angela Tylee said... on November 20, 2013 at 7:55 PM  

Wow, what a great post! I was very interested to read about the pop-up shop, as I'm headed there tomorrow. Great job - thank you!

Blogger Charlie said... on November 20, 2013 at 10:33 PM  

Hi Angela,
Hope you have a great time at the shopping event tomorrow. :) By the way I love your twine, will be posting about something I created with that soon.
- Charlie

Blogger Wing Yee Choo said... on November 25, 2013 at 7:35 PM  

Is this the on going mt expo in Melbourne?

Although there are other cheaper washi tapes, the quality is not as good as the mt tape, especially it will not leave any traces when you peel off.

For those who likes mt masking tapes may visit to our online store

Blogger Charlie said... on November 26, 2013 at 1:39 AM  

Hi Wing,
Yes this is in Melbourne. Personally I don't know about the quality of the different brands, but after exams I'll have time to experiment with them all, and will do a post on that. You may be a bit biased as I see you work for them. :P

Blogger Lavanya D'cruz said... on July 28, 2014 at 10:35 PM  

I was looking for articles on uses of washi tape and I came across yours inspiring read. You indeed gave me some interesting ideas. Thanks man!

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