First Week of Exams @ Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday 4th November

Took the last option (latest leaving time) to the exam... I don't like it out West, there's so much graffiti  factories cover in graffiti and it's basically a wasteland over there. However there are bunnies! I saw four. 

I was meant to get extra exam time but the office processed it but didn't send it to point c... so I only got 75% of the exam done. Risk management and staging, missed logistics. So glad they had those topics, they're my majors, unlike evaluation and legacies. 

Starbucks with a shot, I always go to Starbucks before exams - when it's close by. The first bf started this tradition. Bonbon does very good sponges, though not the best (back home) was $2 now $2.20 with regulation packaging (think of a slice of cake at Coles, how they package it) instead of just glad-wrap.

Ordered dinner to the apartment (before I got there :P) but they canceled and gave me a refund as they were closed for unknown reasons. Plan B, Chicken Dumplings. Went to two stores, sold out. But they can hold them for you. Randomly came across Golden Gaytimes (ice cream) on sale. :)  

6 Days to Cram for the next exam.


My wrist didn't hurt during the exam but later at night it was aching pretty bad and I still got traces of it now. :( I wrote 5 pages + 3 mind maps that would count as a page. Need 12+ pages for my next exam, can't do it. :(

I'm getting a Bridal Party Box by Lust Have It. Yay! Won it in a competition. :P 
There isn't much info on it as it's new but I found some pictures. 

Oh wow these Bounty Ice Cream Bars are amazing! Unlike the fact that someone said I had too much and helped themselves to half our Mars Bars! Not the first time she's done it. Mother claims that she has a right, as older people have a right to not respect anyone younger than them. Who wants to tell grandpa that's why all his things in the garage were thrown out, and he was banned from fishing as she believes it is a sin. And no she's not his mother, she's just decided that she's the spinster in charge. Who wants to know if electronics come in her shade of green...


Its been around 24hrs, used a white vinegar hair rinse last night, and my hair is already super oily. Usually it looks nice for the first 24hrs and then gets crazy oily. My tea tree shampoo doesn't work. Still searching for the one.  

Computer Issues
- the dreaded left click, freezes folders
- fb on ff, impending script error + lag
- skype, disk error, must restart each time

We have the front page for our wedding ideas book.

Remember that toadstool I wanted? I bought it. :)

Along with a bunch of other things.

Marketing fail. Pretty sure this place is owned by asians.


Went to see mr cb to get something signed. The building and gate is half a mile +! Why is it so far?! Missed the tram on the way back - it waited, while I waited for the crossing lights. Didn't happen.

Tokui Sushi - The Egg One

Diane Sushi - Melbourne's Cheapest Sushi
I don't really go here because it doesn't look that clean.

MT Tape (Washi Tape) were hosting a series of workshops.

Today's workshops is hosted by Beci Orpin.

Snack on the way back. Finally got all my pictures for the dim sim post.
Mimco only had 2/3 of the candles I wanted to check out.

Four hours later we arrived at the library. I was there in the morning too.
Free muffin! Mr librarian says they're blueberry. Don't think so, but it is a berry. 

A stranger, with another librarian (I think I saw all the librarians except the one woman librarian today) said I looked nice :) and jokes that he saw me on TV as Miss USA. :P Even though I'm about 25cms too short to be a model, and I'd be a plus size. Oh and I was no where near the muffins when he said this.

Myer Windows are up! This year it's the 'Gingerbread Man' who doesn't get eaten in the end.
No that's not the gingerbread man :P, pictures will be up this/next week.
Missing a window, as it was closed for repairs.  

Red Pepper - Paneer Makhan Masala $14

Love this cake, but I think $75 is too much to send on a cake.

I found the piece I will walk down the the aisle to! And narrowed it down to two versions.

Planning to make these as my xmas gift this year.

Love this dress! Looking to get similar fabric to make Lucy a dress/cape.

Where can I buy this?!

Love all the miniatures, but I shall not buy a perfume because of the bottle.
Plus I already have four of the miniature Daisy's. :)

Typo always has amusing cards.

Love their 'tick the box' range.

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