Pizza Delivered @ Sunday, November 10, 2013

We had take-away from a pizza pasta place. A different place this time, as I can't recall the place we normally get it from, but I think it could be Sammy Boys. Can't recall the name of the place we got this from either... It works out better when we go out to dinner and I take lots of pictures. It was a Sunday night and once you're home you generally don't want to go out again, so we ordered take-away. Most places here have a minimum spend of $40+ and delivery isn't free. Those places also have average reviews or you can't find much info on them. If you want take-away around here, delivered, your options are pizza and pasta. The later I'm not too fond of as when we make pasta there's enough for a week, and there will be nothing but pasta. 

The pizza was nice, but average and a bit dry.  I also prefer prawns rather than miniature shrimps with their veins fully intact (you could see they all had a black line going down their back). Took those off the pizza. 

Styling fail. Too tired to care at the time.

Pasta, Marina Gnocchi. Andy comments that I always get seafood. Childhood issue that I've never gotten over. When you're little you don't get to choose where you eat, for me it was McDonalds weekly. I love salmon, though never buy it for the same reason I don't buy eye fillet - can't cook, what if I mess up? Fortunately le beau can cook. :) I don't buy it from the butcher, but I'd order it at a restaurant. Anyway I've never really had gnocchi before (other than samplings) and decided to try something new (we have all the pastas except this one in the pantry). It was doughy and alright. Didn't really like it and wouldn't recommend or get it again. Though I do want to try the potato version.

Found these in the pantry, pretty sure they were gifted.

Say it expires next year. Lies, it's already expired.

Had one, it was not nice. Fake chocolates.
But they do look lovely, most of them anyway.   

I think I'm 30-something O.O. 

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