Halloween - Deco @ Tuesday, November 05, 2013

This is the first is a series of four posts on Halloween. 
I'd love to have a engagement party on Halloween. :)

Not a vine in sight. Clearly staged.

Mexican Halloween - Day of the Dead

These remind me of those soot balls from Spirited Away.

Easy classroom craft activity.

Pine cones, candles, lanterns and pumpkins.

Glitter Glue Web - Use baking paper.

Pumpkins deco with a drill.

Tinkerbell! Top right photoshopped, light source is off.

Lace Pumpkin. Cookie Monster! Glitter...

Easy deco with balloons + sharpie.

Mason Jars. SW's Poisoned Apple. Wardrobe Light + Sharpie.

I love terrariums.

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