The Week Before Exams! @ Monday, November 04, 2013

This is happening. I just can't seem to get started/concentrate!

Feeling a bit like this. Though the cram hasn't settled in yet. 2/5 Topics almost completed (missing a table). Made "notes" for topic 3, notes given were just titles to type up a chapter under... As of Sunday 2.30am. Less than 36hrs till exam.


Nothing happened today, other than card making. It's amazing how fast the year has gone (not at the moment though, as we're on exams and there's always a disorientation of time during this period). Christmas displays are almost up, and gift sets and out at the major stores. 

Hence our first Christmas Card for the year. For the beard and snow we used dried coconut. Inside the card we stamped pine trees aka Christmas trees. Punched a circle (paper puncher) and added a plastic cap thing, coconut and a plastic square to seal it in.

I don't like Christmas and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Disfunctional families  a certain type of charity ads everywhere to go with the 'Spirit of Giving'. We don't do Christmas. Though every year le beau invites me to join his family (of high achievers), but I feel weird about it, invasive. Even though I know all his siblings I feel odd around his mother and probably his extended family. One day I'll say yes though. His uncle always hosts Christmas in the Hunter Valley (NSW), and travel always makes me a little ... as I have to have all my things with, and it's all a bit scary.  

Our second card was a Halloween one. Yay! It was at my insistence  :P I did one with four ghosts. It reminded me of 'Little Ghosts' a cartoon I used to watch in 2002. While I'm certain we had the internet back then there isn't much info on it. IMDB - Episode Guide 

It's about four ghosts: Edward, Lucy, Henry, George. Who live together in a castle, drives a red car, go whiter when they drink milk. They had a Scottish friend who wears a kilt, plays the bagpipes and has a white terrier dog.


Missed half an interview... time management issues + dead tired. Name, fav movie, fav t-shirt, what you can bring to brand x. My favourite movie is 'White Chicks' which fortunately most of the room had heard of/seen. I think last time it came out as "I like White Chicks" that might be why the boys in my summer class were nice to me. O.o 

Not my picture.

The interview was located at a store at DFO Harbour Town. I like the concept but there isn't much for me there, my style isn't that cheap. That and BnT there doesn't stock my size. But I did get a bottle of nail polish for someone. :)

Factorie has nice $10 floral headbands. Cheaper than Diva/Colette/Equip/Lovisa.

Received a $50 giftcard. :) It's for a hair & beauty (spa) place. Not a hair person, as my hair is very fine and I have a oil control issue. Got all the shampoo to experiment with already. An analysis said that it was best value to get a 30min Swedish Massage with it. One problem - I can't stand being touched (other than le beau, but we worked on that, its been 3yrs now, I still flinch but I don't attack). Probably will re-gift to someone who likes massages. 

New ID card. I'm not orange! But why does my face look round? Oh well. Library. Only 2 para of Maslow to go! Having a plan (with quotes and all) or two really helps. Haven't started exam prep for events on Monday though... 

Motivation in terms of cookies! Subway's cookies used to be bigger I swear. Will consult Toby who works there, he says they receive them frozen. Left the library almost at 10pm... too much energy/travel required to get to the Indian place I like, so we settled for Subway.


  • "Due to the heritage nature of our dining carriages, people of generous proportions might find space slightly restrictive."   
Position - Floral Dream Team 
You must have all of the following
  • - a love of weddings and flowers
  • - a sense of humour and amazing personality
  • - impeccable attention to detail.. even slightly OCD
  • - thrive on getting up at 4am and bumping out at 12 midnight...


5 Vials of Blood, found nothing? He found something the first time but now two weeks later its gone?! That can't be good can it? Will consult the Drs Helen and Adrian.

I like Halloween (expect the bit where it marks the start of exams). Saw two houses doing Trick or Treating, not next to each other or even within an hour of each other. No pictures as were were driving, someone has to hold the wheel. 

Free cookie for Mrs Field. Not many people knew about the offer. I had a Snickerdoodle, it was soft but firm, buttery and there was cinnamon and brown sugar? I like it! This is the first time I've had it. My favourite is still Subway's White Choc & Raspberry. Though I know much more about cupcakes than cookies.

Walked to the station... and bought a cupcake. A pumpkin cupcake, it was interesting but I made the right choice to try something new. Love the frosting, fondant meh, there was pumpkin puree/paste inside the cupcake. Didn't like it. I think I'll stick to pumpkin soup.

Do you think pumpkin flavour/edition things?

Meetings. Saw mr mob! A rare occurrence as he's at the other campus, he always says the nicest things along with mr events, my other favourite. Shall I be the next Heidi Klum? I'm not into over the top muscle body suits. :P But I do love dressing up. Also saw mr IT, just to say hi, he's nice. Why wasn't he mr IT lecturer? (Doesn't do level 1 classes, only PhD.)

Guy walks with me 5 blocks in attempt to sponsor a child. Well that didn't happen, I do support charities but only research & development  medical advances. No poverty related things, it doesn't fit my style. It's like a Gatsby fundraiser for World Vision. 

Krispy Kreme had a BOGOF if you come in costume. Alice likes donuts. The cronut (aka Krossiant) was lovely - but the custard part was lacking, as there was less than a dollop, it was just a smidgen. 

Andy had the Cookies 'n' Cream, white icing with cookies on top, filled with creamy cheese(?) frosting within. My favourite is still the original glazed. 

Up & Go 350ml is $1 at 7 Eleven, lots of stock at the one I went to. I like Vanilla. At the station they were giving out big tubs of yoghurt! A rare sight for me as I don't travel mainstream hours when they're given out. 

Productivity happened, 30% almost finished risk management notes.

What did you do on Halloween?


Coma. Lost in my dreams that I haven't been recording. 
Got up at 5pm, that didn't go well. 4 Topics, 3.5 days to go. 

Mail! Swatch sticks, that was fast (it came from China, their mail takes a month to ship, this took 2 weeks). Seed sticks, I've excited about planting basil and lettuce - after exams. Gift card :) that didn't come in the mail though. Got my 2nd SMC parcel! (The first is a. on it's way b. custom's has it c. lost). Not opening it till my partner gets hers though.

We also bought another recorder. My last one glitches, can't change the date. 01/01/07

How do you stay focused on exam cram?

Blogger Stephanie L said... on November 5, 2013 at 2:25 AM  

Haha, that time chart is seriously me in a nutshell!

Blogger Charlie said... on November 5, 2013 at 7:20 PM  

I'm trying harder this week, we have a plan (as always) now we just need to follow it...

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