21st Thursday Nov

Another day of shopping adventures. Wish they didn't have it the day after Chadstone, those who shop till they drop need a break. Fortunately I don't need to buy/carry much. Bought the final piece for xmas gifts exchange (only got the SS to go, need to be up for the walk to get there though, hurt my foot, day 2).

The Body Shop. Chance to win a salt scrub, sticker under cupcake. Random chance. Let jas go first while I analyzed. Jas knew I was going for the cookies 'n' cream O.O before I did (analyzing, it was one of a kind on the tray). I won! Or rather jas let me won, as on his own he would have picked that one. That was nice, I have friends who'd sell it to me if they won. :P

Love these lights.

This are strange. World Vision was near Boost and no where near here.

Pretty lights...

Deco. Neon colour theme.

Another Pylones Store.

Sushi for lunch! Craving fresh things. Microwaved the salmon again. :P 
Love the egg. Did some research on classical conditioning.

Dinner at Snag Stand. As part of the shopping day all their hot dogs were $5. 

Nothing was sold out at the time. So many choices....

We had the Greek I like it. Would I get it again? Yes, for dinner due to convenience. But there are lots of $10 dinner places in the city I'd like to try. Recommended? Yes. This is the best one I've had and we've been here a couple times.

Food treasure hunt. Guy in front of us failed to get a 2nd sign-up sheet for his gf when they were handing them out (she went to get something, he lined up for them). 

Green smoothie from Boost, it was ok. Very nice unknown drink from Chatime (bubble tea, asian Starbucks). Coffee, yuck. Lamington from Pancake Parlour - if only they sold this size or something up to 2-3 times the size. I have ordered this before and I liked it, though I still love their lemon butter one. Can't justify spending $18 on dessert though. We finished the activity within 15mins.

No you can't have a balloon. I asked.

Cool Teapots. Candle for novelty only says jas.

What does hope mean? Why is Christmas all about giving and poor people?

Butterbeer at Starbucks! The barista (coffee making guy, not lawyer) didn't know the recipe, not an issue, I have it in my notebook. Jas had coffee in his so it didn't taste like it was meant to. The cream with caramel drizzle and toffee nut was amazing! Can I get a bowl or lidful if it? Not so good at describing it, but do try it once or twice. After we ordered it the barista guy made one too as he had never had that combo. He was cool. I don't usually notice baristas as buying coffee is a low-involvement thing and I go pretty fast. Though I always notice the girl who tells me they don't do brown sugar as I'm the only one who requests it. Nowadays I BY(M)O.

Butterbeer - Cold Version
A Crème Frappuccino, whole/full cream milk
• 3 pumps of caramel syrup
• 3 pumps of toffee nut syrup
• Top with caramel drizzle 
Sprinkle toffee nut bits on top

That's for the large size, but your barista can do the maths to adjust it to suit a smaller size. Note that here toffee but is limited ed only around for Christmas. 

Tomorrow's Adventures
- Seeing the Dr (possibly needles involved!)
- Treasure Hunt! (perhaps Adrian was talking about this one)
- Luxbite Pre-Dinner Dessert 

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