Chadstone VIP Shopping Day - Part 2 @ Thursday, November 28, 2013

Went to Jasper Junior, lucky dip. Not worth it, I got a pinwheel. But they have amazing dresses there I like to check out. $400-ish dresses for little girls. Wish I had that when I was little but I heard kids grow fast so it's not worth it. But still it's so pretty.

The dresses themselves are plain, but if you add tulle, lace and flowers they're amazing.

Detailing. You could DIY the roses. Make a headpiece.

Foam ladybug stickers $3.

Lucky Dip.

Came across two pop-up stalls that do personalized baubles.

They're amazing, a steady hand is required.

Amazing beading detailing.

Christmas Koala.

We're always looking for inspiration for art class, and this one's one the kids can do.
You'll need a plain bauble, rhinestones and glitter glue/paint.

A gift. Interesting choice of colours, would have gotten my name in purple.
But I did like the silver on blue base.

Pricelist, small is very small. The one I got is XL I think.
A tree of baubles is pretty cool, not so sure about mixing colours though.

Ishka (Indian/Boho/Hippy store) was doing tarot card readings. 
Got the time on the info book wrong, plus they said it's free. 
Too be good to be true? Yes, it's $50. 

Love these, it's in my Art & Craft folder. Very easy to make. Orgami paper + shadow box frame. Those frames are $$ even from Ikea, but Target sometimes has a sale on their frames, that's where I get mine from. The $2+ Shop & Reject Shop don't have much in this department.

Harder to make, I once made one, or rather half of one and then gave up.
These are $6.50 each, I bought the music one. Free delivery to Melbourne.

Things in bottles are always a great idea. Ordered some of these too.

Cranes in floating glass bubbles, love these. If you can get the bubbles in bulk they're a great deco feature, you can stick tealight candles or flowers in them. Or paper cranes made from sheet music. Also love fairy lights, these are flower shaped, if only I had a place to hang them.

DIY-able if you come across the things you need. Luckily I bought quite a few bottles on our trip overseas and got them for $1 each. Here they're either rare or expensive. No one will give you the name of their supplier.

My favourite, unfortunately they were around $13 each.

Lindt - Hot Chocolate

Lindt. A variation of the last group buy deal they had, but instead of waffles you get another brownie, 3 brownies. I don't even like brownies. Chocolate overload, 11.30pm and I still don't feel too good. And that was with us getting part of the platter take away, and having a glass of water each.

Xmas Edition. Macarons used to be closer to $2. One day $5 will be the new $2.

The Bill 

Love the green wall at Wittner.

Another day of shopping adventures tomorrow. Wish they were a week apart. 
Not doing the treasure hunt (that I've never done - yet) as the dr wants me to "take it easy".

Did you go to the VIP Shopping Day? It's the best time to buying Christmas Presents.

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