Chadstone VIP Shopping Day - Nov 2013 @ Wednesday, November 27, 2013

20th Wednesday Nov

On Wednesday by chance we happened to go to Chadstone on their VIP Shopping Day, something we've never been to before, as I take night classes on Wednesdays. On their bi-annual VIP shopping days lots of store have x% off, or special gift offers with purchases. There's also lots of stores offering free sparkling and cupcakes.

Cupcake Bakery @ The Body Shop

The Body Shop did a lucky chance thing. Not a lucky dip, you either win or you don't. Sticker under the cupcake. At first I was going for the pink rose one (as there was only one) but then I picked the corner heart one. And won! That was lucky, but I do wonder if the rose one had a sticker? If I designed it I'd say no, people might pick the odd one out, or take the approach of one of many. I'm a skill person rather than chance. 

I won a salt scrub! Spa Wisdom Africa Ximenia & Salt Scrub. Worth $50 oh wow that's expensive. But it is heavy. Note that you could easily make a scrub yourself. This scrub looks pretty good, no SLS, parabens or anything. And it's fair trade too, which is good.

Found a craft shop, a fancy Swedish-esque one. Which reinforced the belief that crafting (other than with supplies from Riot Art) in particular fancy cards is an expensive hobby. Yes it is, but then compare it to the cost of the photography class.

Love Glitter!

Stall selling strands of beads. Cheaper on ebay. 

Love Daiso. So many things to buy, especially with their kitchen and crafting isles. Once I bought fake eye lashes. Most interested in their organization stuff, like boxes with dividers, perfect your desk or drawers.

We must go back for another Christmas headpiece. As I work at the mall in December is does work out well for cost per a wear, even if I already do have two itchy tinsel wreaths and a couple santa hats, including a green one. Last year I invested a few quality santa hats.

Pencil cases, origami paper, paper bags (pk 20), hair thing.

I love these Cathy Kidston inspired boxes, unfortunately I already have lots of boxes.

Bought. Didn't notice the crack at the time. These are great in the bathroom.
Comes with three dividers, two different colour sets to select from.

Priceline had gift bags, but were out when we got there.
Chadstone exclusive, did anyone get one?

I do love Lush.

Cacao Green had a BOGOF Offer. I love froyo, but don't think it's any less fattening than ice cream, it's not actually the same stuff as the frozen yoghurt you buy at the supermarket. It's just like ice cream, but sort of different.

Every season they offer new flavours, limited edition. This summer it's mango and coconut, which we sampled. The mango was great, and I couldn't taste the coconut after that. We both had the mango with lychee pearls (I love these!) strawberry pocky (the sticks you get from asian shops, that I've never had, Andy knows about these things cause he likes asians) and kiwi. This was Andy's first froyo exp and he liked it, he doesn't go out much to anywhere other than his friend's place and the shooting range.

Why is there always a hole in the middle?

We discovered 'Pylones' a French shop that's all around the world. They sell fun things you don't need. The perfect place to get a Secret Santa present. I saw metal ace card bottle openers. Love that butter dish, the calculator I've seen before much cheaper than the Arthur Warehouse on Swanston. Cool grater, rubber sent to the groom? XD

Shower Puffs - Umbrella - Bowls with Lids

Chadstone Centerpiece outside DJ. Red thing opens to reveal Santa.

Dusk Candles. Love the glitter tealight candles, but is it kinda like burning money? It's a set of 8 for $8, those purple glitter ones. As a gift the tray set is a better idea, but the blown glass is stunning, though buying xmas items that can only be used in December doesn't seem like a great idea.

Love those wraps, we sometimes make at home. Here they start from $2.80, similar prices to sushi, I think they go up to $3.50 a roll. That's really $$ for what it is. You'll need 3-4 to fill you up. People were lining up around the corner for this.

L'Occitane had a GWP, unfortunately I don't need to get anything from there. I've bought almost everything, and the other half is being bought on the 26th (the family isn't exchanging presents till late Jan as they're going away).

Typo had 40%, but still most of their normal sale items are online only. Love Typo.

Sussan's had a bed in their window, do SAs take a nap when they close? :P

La Belle Miette Macarons

One of my favourite shops, Alannah Hill. Love to work there, but the uniform is $$$.

More cupcakes! They're surprisingly good, must have changed their recipe.

Part 2 - Coming up tomorrow.

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