Two Weeks Before Exams @ Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Monday 18th Nov

Planned a picnic luncheon, called around for dates. The Cherry Orchard will be closed on the date I selected. :( Need that date though for the caters and other people involved. Le beau & co can't make it as they're going away. :(

Made epic fail pancakes, your options are either a. under cooked b. burnt. Watched Dracula, it's ok, it's pretty though. We like Jonathan Rhys Myers, loved the Tudors but I like him best in 'Bend it like Beckham' he looked better younger me thinks.

Love Lucy/Morgana's Dress, she looks the polar opposite as in Merlin.
Lady Jane also has great outfits, she's the seductress. Mina looks bland.   

Started working on the veil, averaging 10mins per bead. Really need to get that thing to help get the thread through. I love how the veils look Alannah Hill-esque even though it was a tiny fraction of the price.

Cards, we made a notepad thing. Secret Santas. Keeping it crafty. I hate it when people borrow my things and do the wrong thing with it. Do not rip the masking tape just cause you can, use the scissors. If you BYO you can do whatever you please with it.

Bought the "Bundaberg Sparking Selection" and hurt myself in the process. Love making my own cocktails, can't justify spending $10 on a drink, I rather spend it on dessert. Is it odd that only two men have ever bought me drinks? One was a friend.


Made almond cookies, creating crescents too much effort. 
They're nice but I wouldn't make them again, too crumbly. 


The one time I take my shoes off I get a splinter! That ain't going to shop me from going shopping though. :P It's tiny, a black dot I saw this morning, but now I can't find it... Called the dr, Adrian who's happy to slice... to get it out. Hell no is he touching my foot! Attempting the sticky tape method (failed), potato (working on atm) and egg shell methods first. Need to get better soon, we have a treasure hunt to win on Friday.  

Chadstone VIP shopping day, first time I've been to this one, always on a Wednesday night when I have class. Lots of places did cupcakes & sparkling, got a cupcake from AH. Won a salt scrub from 'The Body Shop'! Love Jasper Junior's fairy collection, but they're tiny and $$$. My companion for the day bought me something for the tree, that's nice except the bit where I don't have a tree. 

Short Story - They make amazing paper craft things, things that you can make yourself at home. :P There's flowers, cranes in glass bubbles - love these, when I see it on sale I'll get some. Butterflies, cranes and origami dresses in shadow box frames.

We had froyo and Lindt. Home. Died a little, foot hurts. Went to a concert, it was good. 

Piano Quartet, E flat minor op. 47. Got front row seats before the intermission (first three rows were almost empty so that counts :P) after the break people decided to move up... that was not cool.


Today started at 7.15am. Text from Adrian, the dr, reminder that I am not to run around on the treasure hunt. The dr prescribed lots of rest and minimum time spent on my feet. 

Went to see 'One Chance' a story about Paul Potts, who won Britan's got talent. It was good. Pretty amazing that he married his 1st gf. Think his father worked at a metal place or mining company, at first I thought it was a dream sequence. Why people who live in small towns hang around? I run pretty fast and far. I knew the manager looked familiar. It's the one eyed guy from PoTC, he's got a very unique look. The mother is Mrs Weasley, but I didn't recognize her at all. 

Love the smell of popcorn. Eating it, not so much.

Another day of shopping.

Won another salt scrub! Well actually Jas let me win. 

Butterbeer at Starbucks!



Oddly named mascara. 

Kitty shell necklace, oh wow that's pretty. I'd love to make things like that. 

Treasure Hunt. We won! The Three Musketeers (it was either that or 'The Triad'). :P

Dessert at LuxBite.

Dinner at SpudBar.

Things in South Yarra. Medwin Couture, I'd love to shop here.
It's very $$$ more than AH and they don't have a website.

Soda Rock. Unhygienic, yes it might be a cool diner but I prefer Huxtaburger.

DIY-able Tray, I'd love that in gold & blue/purple. Washi tape?

Always wanted a doll house. Couldn't find the one so we got a custom.
Ikea style it takes up most of an entire wall in my room.

Can we go inside? This looks cool. I'd like to go camping in the yard in one.
But can you breathe in it?

Its been a very busy week, 3 days of fun event and then 2 days of work.
Then summer school starting on Monday. Break on tues then exam cram.

What have you been up to lately?

Blogger Sally Li said... on November 26, 2013 at 1:53 PM  

Hey I've been to the same movie too and loved it. Review to come

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