Did you ever do penpals in elementary school? I remember we did in the 1st grade, our teacher was pretty cool, she had short hair and dressed up as 'Bob the Builder' for book week (we read the book in class, Bob looked like your sterotypical builder, he wore a blue tank top - not the same as the one who is friends with his anthropomorphised work-vehicles). I remember typing letters to our penpals, a girl in Europe. Somehow I doubt it was real, and that the teacher responded to our letters. 

For bloggers there's this monthly gift exchange where you can meet new women (mainly women) from around the world. Think of it as a pen pal thing. There's a theme each month, and you need to spend $5 on a small gift (though I spend more than that if shipping isn't 9.25/100g - Canada/USA). How it works is that you sign up at the start of the month, you then check back and there's a spreadsheet saying who your partner is. You make contact (no Ouija board required XD), get to know each other. Or in my case check out their blog and create a profile on them. They freak out a  little not realizing how much they share on their blog. And at some point within the month send each other a bubble letter/parcel (depending on shipping costs). If you want to sign-up read more about it, here's the link.

This month my partner was Megan from 'Neither Here Nor There', she's a regular blogger who takes great pictures! Like me she's from the USA and likes Halloween. Megan's a city girl who lives in a small town, 6hrs away from the city (Gladstone, QLD - it's on her blog). She recently-ish got married (I love weddings!) and is an elementary/primary school teacher (like le beau). Oh and she's an INFJ and I'm an ISFJ (and le beau's an ENFJ) so that's pretty cool.

What an amazing view... reminds me of a Canadian Island.

I love getting mail, and pretty things even if it's not covered in glitter.
Great notepad for exam cram study plan - assuming I follow through. :P

Cards are perfect (after I add some glitter and bling!) to use as thank you cards.

Coral Earrings
These are pretty and hard to get a picture of! I think I have a bottle of nail polish 
in a similar colour. I may not wear earrings (no pierced ears, don't want to get 
shot with a needle!) but that doesn't meant I don't have a collection. :P

Here's what I sent Megan, but you'll have to check out her blog to find out what's inside. ;)
That's a quick unplanned shot by the way, I almost always plan.

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