Taste of Melbourne @ Saturday, November 23, 2013

Friday 22nd Nov

Last Friday we went to the 'Taste of Melbourne' Event. We weren't going to go as le beau didn't want to go (but he's happy to take me to all the featured restaurants) for the same reason I don't want to go to the noodle event (don't want to line up) and because I couldn't justify the entry price. That and last week I was working Fri-Sun, events likes the weekend, and very often early mornings. But we still made it to the taste event, as I won tickets. :) Food bloggers and a few fb pages were running competitions.

It was muddy. Wear gumboots.

The currency they use here is called 'crowns' it's not cool little tokens like I thought, though perhaps carrying around a bag of that isn't such a good idea. So the crowns, $1 = 1 Crown. Restaurants, bars and exhibitors that sell food or drink to be consumed at the event can only accept Crowns – stalls accept cash. You could buy products from B&P with Crowns too. 

While this credit card-esque idea is brilliant as it makes things easier and fast like pay-wave, it is very important that you note that the crowns are non-refundable. So don't stick all the cash you intend to spend on the card at once - what if something sells out? Start with $30 and then if you need you can top-up just like a myki. And you can add any amount like $6, not just notes only.

The first thing we did was make a booking at the Lurpak Cookery School. Only one spot left for the 9pm session, I got it! Unfortunately we couldn't get a spot for jas. But he already cooks. 

The Country Kitchen was offering bread & butter making classes. But other than one small mention online there were no further details, and I tried to contact them but all the emails rebounded or said that they were out of office till after the event. Communication sucked.

Jas likes Oysters. I don't. These were from Tasmania. 3 for $10. 

I suggested he try a Wallaby Party Pie and he did. $4.

Burch & Purchese - Explosive Raspberry Ice Cream $8

Tangy raspberry ice cream on a stick dipped in Belgian milk chocolate and topped with explosive chocolate coated popping candy and freeze dried raspberry crumb.

This was amazing! Even though I'd prefer it not be on a stick as you got to eat it holding it just like in the picture for the topping not to fall off. That and it was a bit big, it would be perfect at half the size for $5.

Burch & Purchese - Royal Choc Salted Caramel Tart $6

salted caramel / choc spray / marshmallow / hazelnut

Chocolate tartlet brushed with Belgian dark chocolate filled with salted caramel, topped with chocolate velvet sprayed marshmallow, hazelnut cream and crumble topping.

We didn't get this, there just happened to be one very close to me. :P Someone bought it and forgot it. We also saw some half eaten abandoned ones which was sad. I read that it was very rich with chocolate and nutella so it didn't appeal to me. I like it light and fluffy.

Burch & Purchese - Coconut Tube $10

coconut caviar / tapioca / passionfruit curd / ginger / mint

Salted oat and ginger crumb, passionfruit jelly, coconut caviar, mint jelly, velvet sprayed coconut mousse, white chocolate and mint square served in a 130ml clear acrylic tube.

This was nice, I liked it, not the ginger crumbs though. This was an unplanned purchase as the dish I wanted was sold out and I still had $10 on the card that I had to use.

Huxtable - Kataifi Lamb Puttanesca $6

filo wrapped puttanesca braised Flinders Island lamb shoulder

This was really good. But did I just pay $6 for what was basically a fancy spring roll? I'd describe it as a gourmet lamb sausage filling wrapped in some asian noodle, deep fried.

Huxtable - Mt Zero Grain & Broccoli Salad $8
salad of Mt Zero grains including lentils & quinoa

Quinoa tastes funny to me, but jas liked this dish/bowl. 

Grand/Park Hyatt  - High Tea Ad

This was for deco only, but they did offer samples of sparkling.

Love these lights. Not fairy lights. What are they called?

It reminds me of this. I'd love a reception like that - but what if it rains? Then the night is ruined. Plan B won't be as good. I'm adding this to my list of party scenes though. Love this.

Mamasita - Elote Callejero $6

‘street style’ corn, queso, chipotle mayo & lime

This was great, its been on my wishlist for a while, but the lines are always long. And lunch happens at 12pm and it turns out I'm either not a noon person or I'm in class. Totally getting this again.

There was demos. An advantage to being little is that you can get to the front. Frank of Movida & Alice (Masterchef). We were going to see something here, but cause jas was late (and I had to wait for him) we missed stuff and it messed up my schedule.

This is the party "tent" where drunk people hang out. Loud music played. 

I didn't like it. There was also another one with red bean bags.

Mamasita had the longest line. Hux's fondue sold out pretty fast.

Lurpak Cookery School

$6 a session - each session goes for 30mins
You're with a partner, food sample size.

We're making Salmon + Salted Caramel, not served together.

Salted Caramel

Chopped the dill. Boiled the pasta. Did something to the fish.

The fish turned a light brown when cooked.

It was nice, might try this at home. Got the pasta in the freeze. Now to buy the fish.
Actually I'd like to add some feta and semi-sun dried tomatoes.

Burch & Purchese - Coconut Tube $10

A shot with no one in my way, it was pretty crowded.

We tried some great coconut ice cream. Coconut PopsicleNormally $3 I think, but at the event they were $4 (lemon/mango) and $6 for the others, including the lovely coconut. Events normally have different prices, drinks are always $$ but I would have thought this would be cheaper than usual as promo strategy. What a rip off. So glad we didn't buy it.

Here's the recipe if you want to attempt it at home.  

*click to enlarge*

*click to enlarge*

If you're going to go next year wear gumboots if it rained within 36hrs. It's not really worth the entry though. And some restaurants were on rotation, like Chin Chin was only there on Sunday. Also plan better than me, I forgot the stalls so we missed out on checking out Cacao (Eclairs) Mörk Chocolate (hot chocolate samples).

Did you go to the 'Taste of Melbourne'? Which dish did you like best?  

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