Jingle Bells are Annoying... @ Sunday, November 24, 2013

There's a soundtrack on repeat, the whole thing not just the certain piece that's annoying. It's not even December and it's annoying. God I hope that the mall won't play that piece, though with lots of noises and the busy-ness of it all perhaps I won't notice. Not sure if I'll be doing gift wrapping this year as I hurt my wrist (same injury from July). 

Spent the weekend working, registrations desk, did sign-ins. On Saturday le beau joined me, on Sunday Lily was with me. Saw a chiwawa, Dalmatian and two sausage dogs. And one hyper super white Japanese shiatsu. People came with their pets for pictures with Santa, there was the dog room where we were, and a quiet room for bunnies/cats. Hence I only saw one bunny. It was so fluffy! But not white like Lucy.

The white dog was so fluffy! And hyper, am told they're all like that, that kind.

Toys for Dogs

Found an ad for the event we went to.

So gifts/deco you could go DIY. Unfortunately scrabbles pieces are $$$ as they're so popular to use for table name seating cards at weddings, but if you're super lucky you could find them at an op shop. Though op shops around here cost as much as full price as it's fundraising for charity as always. Not many cheap Good Wills around, other than the MS ones. The first tree is made of wood (I could have made that a decade ago in the workshop) + honeycomb balls. Love the 2nd but I'd like a mid-blue background instead for contrast.

Pretty things I don't need / aren't practical.

Food! I might make the marshmallow iced red velvet cupcakes.

Had some activities to keep us entertained.

After Christmas is the best time to stock up. 

Bought some hairpiece bases. Going to bling up the black one with sequins or rhinestones or both. My base is a big bow and plain birdcage veil like this one but I'm not having it over my face.

  Tips on adding beads/sequins/pretties to veils. Sew vs glue. 

  Swarovski beading guide I found. 
               It'll take forever but be so much cheaper going DIY than buying it. 

  Mickey Mouse Heads, use a veil that doesn't have big holes, this one's more like organza.

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