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Monday 25th Nov

I had a dream that was at school, the lecturer had shiny black medium length hair and wore a dark pant suit. Assuming it was a girl. Prac class, the teacher is on the short side, short medium brown hair, blue shirt. Once again can't tell if it's a girl/boy a I didn't see their face, I think it was Austin. And I ran, Scottie appeared (she was my bff in middle school,). Dream interpretation says Austin & I have unfinished business, true. There's something I want him to know, it's not important I suppose to most people, but it's something he has to know even if he doesn't want to know.

Excel 2010/12 Classes. Was one of the only two to turn up... I'm only doing the prac side of the subject (no exam, research project, lectures), haven't told the teacher that as I'm pretty sure she's not cool with it.

Introducing mrs IT, old enough to be my mother, she does not like to shop, does not like arty/craft things or anything other than reading. Doesn't seem that passionate about IT but has been at it for the past decade. She's friendly and I'm not scared to ask questions. I can actually talk to her rather than just email her (yes I've emailed the teacher before when he was in the room, strolling around while we worked in silence - but not cause he was strict or anything). I'm certain she's a relatively hard marker. But likes questions and doesn't hesitant to answer then.

Today we did the basics. Hope the test doesn't require us to name the different things! e.g. labels. Love the formula/number/month drag, mrs IT says if it ain't working save and refresh the program, it always works. 

Why is the libaray closed so early?! Being a night owl I have been seen at the library as late as 10pm. Saw miss eco when I was leaving, she's now changed her specialization to finance instead and isn't doing summer school. :( Oh and that place we had lunch, Bao Now has closed. :(


A day spent in a coma. Recovering from the last 5 days. Had an MRI, it was noisy. Got stuck in the tube! They should have said not to wear big flowing skirts...


Slept in! Arrived as ms IT was leaving. IBS Designs for homework, no idea what that is... Awaiting email with info. Update: nope she's not sending me the work. 

What subject to do next year? Electives, anything.  Really? I can pick anything? Yep that includes creative writing and things that are totally not relevant to my job. Hmm... I was hoping for a list of pathways like ms IT said, the area IT, acc, management, marketing, etc.

Snacks - Love this coconut juice! $1.80. Pocky was meh $1.50. 

Bought the last gift, this one for one of my KKs. Got everything, just need to wrap it. Tempted to buy some nail polish, but I don't do my nails that often and have at least 50 bottles (mostly inherited). That and I had six arrive before I left (leaving after the mailman comes is never a good thing).

Ultra3 - Forgot Name & Over the Rainbow

Jesse's Girl JulieG Limited Edition Frosted Gum Drops Collection. 

I like the mint, blue and lavender-ish the most. This came in the mail.

As always nail pictures are not mine, can't figure out how to take them.  


My imaginary friend person is really gone, and  I feel like he's missing because, well, he is. He's gone and never coming back... We rarely ever spoke when he was around, but I liked that he was just around, even if I was the only person who could see him.

Was going to Roll'd today but slept in (Lucy didn't want me to go) and thought they'd be sold out fast, we finished at 3pm and it started at 11am (was planning to be there before they opened). *le sigh*

Craft workshop. Wasn't as good as I expect. Art like creative writing (might do that subject :P after I ask ms IT what she thinks) is a way to express the sub-conscious, but I'm aware I feel a bit lost, and things are not clear. As you can see. *Top right*

Lunch at Bing Boy. Had the peking duck, it was very good, but there wasn't enough duck, there was too much dough towards the end and the sauce was mainly down the bottom. Have you ever had a wrap (say at Mad Mex), everyone eats it neatly and you eat it and it drips everywhere? So glad I was sitting down. We're coming back with jas (who also loves duck) for better pictures.

Free Gingerbread at Sportcraft.


Did some notes on Operant Conditioning, saved a few seconds too late and lost a paragraph! Yes I'm aware that the picture is about Classic Conditioning, Pavlov's Dogs.

Lily & I were going to go to the event on Flinders Lane, but that didn't happen as we got distracted by Daiso, new on Flinders St (next to Citigate Hotel & Metro Baguette). It's upstairs and take up the entire floor.

Since today was their opening day there were free mini cupcakes! Orange flavour, reminds me of the pre-made blocks from the supermarket (no we didn't buy them, they were gifted to us).   

Strangest thing she found was tongs for chips, I found things that said tampon on them, but they were hollow thumb tips that looked like paper mache-ish, you soak them in water and they get wet and you rub it on your face. A new exfoliation trend?

While Lily bought lots of stuff (this post could be called 'Lily's Adventures at Daiso' I bought only one thing, a pan thingy for baking those almond friands. Might make those for Christmas for my teachers (past, that's right I still stop by to say hi every year).

Something I loved was all the bejeweled over the door hangers, and foam flowers you could use to make headpieces. They had orange, cream and pink. I'm after red, blue and black. Though I'd love gold and silver too!

Remember Pylones, that cool French Shop? This looks Pylones-esque! At a fraction of the price. They also had mini hand spades - at least that's what we think they're called.

*click to enlarge*

Found a job I love! I'd move to the ACT for this job. Unfortunately I'm not (yet) qualified, can't use a mac and don't live in the ACT. But seriously love to work as the events manager/assistant at a bridal magazine! Did I mention that the job travels? The other month they went to London! I have found a realistic goal I'm working towards. Printed it out, shall frame it. Has anyone found a job listing motivates them to 'Keep Calm & Keep Studying'?

*click to enlarge*

Electives I'm considering after reading that ^: creative writing (not the age quality, tis boring), photography, marketing, graphics design (maybe?), how to use a MAC.


Running late. Made it just on time to the hairdresser. The HD was great, he's one of those lucky people who have always known from a young age (like Mozart) what he wanted to do. 

I'm not a hair person, if anyone asks yes I am compensating for something with my big headpieces. I've lost most (ok, more like half) of my hair over the past half a decade due to illness. I have some wigs but they're not that comfortable for more than a couple/few hours, so I'd rather stick something big on it.

The Style 

We had it washed, trimmed, layered and got big curls in it. Some people have a r'ship with their hairdresser and like jas says are loyal. I'm not one of those people, most likely because I don't have much to work with. And I've never attempted a hair tutorial I've seen, or make-up.

Something I don't like about giftcards is that sometimes you're pressured to spend more than you planned. With the giftcard my hair procedure cost $30 which was great (don't ask about the last haircut experience, I swear I could have stepped on AIDS! or gotten a 3rd world disease). I actually paid $29 cause that how much cash I had on me (will pay the other $1 next time I'm in thr city) did ask for a consultation and quote the other day so I could bring the exact amount but that request was denied. 

Overall it was a good experience. Will I be back? Sorry no, there was nothing wrong, it's just that there are lots of student places that could do the same thing, while still having a clean enviroment (last hairdresser was next to a fish monger and opposite a butcher, picture a cheap "salon" in china, that's what it was). Here are some student places I've found in the city...

Was Rome built in a day?

Pictures taken over two weeks.

Post from unknown date

Hello procrastination. I'm at the library, got all the stuff on the screen in front on my, just got to type stuff from the pdfs to notepad. And then I find myself already logged in on gmail which is liked to youtube, and then I find this. 

It's hiliarious! Thinking not to deeply I can only recall my last four teachers, three of which were the best of the best (even if some are boring and you think they don't have a life, this is what happens when we know you went to this school and then came back as a teacher). Number four liked to make the class about other things than his subject, and he was very proud of this. Once he told us about some cute guy who was the first to climb everest, though he froze to death and his head fell off... Relevance to the subject? It's either something to do with compassas (2 ways of measuring something, NS or something else). I ended up dropping that subject. The one before him (same subject) had me as his favourite, so he helped me lots (he was sweet on me as his potential DIL was an American). He liked wrestling shows and Glee.  

One of things I don't miss about middle school (languages other than English were only enforced in elementary + middle school) is having to ask to go to the bathroom in a foreign language. Not just in the language class but in almost all classes (not gym though, he (it's always a he) is pretty laid back and often doesn't give a damn - about anything).


Made dinner, well the sauce for the raolvi anyway. Got tunnel vision in the process from intense starring at the pot on the stove. Amazing it did thicken over time, but required twice as long as stated. Also it was way too salty, need to reduce chicken stock next time.

At some point we watched 'Crazy Stupid Love' which I really liked. 

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