RSPCA Burwood - Open Weekend 2013 @ Tuesday, December 03, 2013

His name is Zeus, when he saw me he came up to the window/glass and put his paw up. He's black white and brown, 8mths old and a terrier of some sort. He's the one I want! No pictures yet. We'll be back tomorrow. 

At work today I was the popcorn machine operator and lucky dip assistant. Free popcorn was very popular, kids wanted one each, kids aren't into sharing. Couples were more into it, though not the teens. Almost all the adults with small children made them say their Ps&Qs. Only a couple didn't, I'm not sure if I'm super racist but I noted that they weren't white. Andy says that I'm much more likely to notice if a coloured person of any sort does something wrong than a white person. His "the black guy did it" theory.

Colouring Corner  

The lucky dip you could look, lots of candy (canes & lollipops), random branded stuff like pins, keychains, stress toys. But there was also cool stuff like ear headbands, Dora stuff, dice pencil sharpers, sticky notes, and lots of fun rubbers on a paddle pop stick - Smiggle style.

Balloon Animals! Got a poodle, will get a mouse next time.

What I missed out on as I was at work: Lily's making le beau an Advent Calendar for his class (she's not a classroom teacher) each day a different kid gets to open that day's shape. Inside will be a chocolate/candy. They're not all the same. 

Turns out Zeus only wanted me for my popcorn. I thought we had something special...

Today we did the welcome "desk" area handing out maps and free raffle entries. There was a balloon guy, made Ariel! And a very cool octopus. I asked for a flower. :)

It's extremely rare that I see anyone I know out and about but today we saw ms psych, with her child. I didn't know she had a kid O.o but I did think she was a cat person. She looked very different with her hair out (at school she always had it in a ponytail). She always had a cool gothic kinda look but without the spikes, mesh, tattoos and make-up. She always wore black skirts (never pants) and boots. She was really good till she got promoted. Then she was super busy and didn't have time for my Qs and had a limit of 3 Qs a day. I like Hector, he was always great and didn't change when he got promoted.    

Edited 200+ pictures, the choose ones this week. Haven't had time to blog yet. 

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