Spudbar - South Yarra @ Monday, December 02, 2013

22nd Friday Nov

Once we drove past a Spudbar (lost) and Jas told me about it, he's known about it since they opened their first brand as they did some work with them in the accounting department. But of course he never told me about it... and I'm always picking where to go. Finally one day we were going for pre-dinner dessert at LuxBite and "we" were looking for a place nearby to have dinner. Jas got to choose between a pasta bar or potato bar, he chose the later.

The Classic $8.50
melted garlic butter, tasty cheese, corn, shredded cabbage, 
light sour cream & spring onion

I was quite excited about going to Spudbar, it's like Subway but with potatoes.  After an analysis I picked the classic with a sweet potato. It was very good, and huge for me this would be lunch and part of my dinner. Never had canned corn before, that's a first.

This dish/bowl was great value, though that mightn't be the same if you customized it. Though I'd like a Greek one with olives, semi-sun dried tomatoes, basil and feta.

Moroccan Chicken $12.00

chicken & chorizo ragu, baby spinich, spring onion, chickpeas, 
peas, carrot, hummus & cucumber yoghurt

Jas had this ^ and he liked it. Jas doesn't talk much, though he intends to start a food vlog on youtube within the next decade or so. This is why I'm the planner.

Link for the menu.

The map on the phone doesn't know where it is, but if you're standing at Soda Rock look around for the 7 Eleven, it's next to there. Not up or down the hill, but towards the shopping strip. If you're taking the tram get off at the stop at Soda Rock.


Another shot at the menu.

They're open till 9pm on Fridays.

Have you been to Spudbar? Got any combos to recommend?

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