Daiso on Flinders @ Tuesday, December 10, 2013

On a Thursday in November Lily & I went to the opening of another Daiso in the City, on Flinders St near Elizabeth Street. So now there's three in the city all within walking distance of the station, Bourke St Underground, QV and now Flinders. 

There were mini cupcakes. Chocolate orange. 

It's located between Metro Baguette & Cititel Hotel. Upstairs.
Everything is $2.80. 

They sell origami paper. 

And boxes. I love this pattern, Cath Kidston-esque. 

Things with hearts I love.

These would be nice for gifting cakes, cupcakes, cookies etc.

Dots, lots of them. :P 

Wrapping paper. Daiso has these two as part of their pattern collection.
For lots of items, from boxes and gift wrap to bins and spades.

Ties for Party Bags. &.Party Bags, Clear has 30 bags, others have less.

Gatsby boards, great for collages and signs at events. 

Notebooks with Dots. 

Origami Paper. Can't makes cranes. :( 

Bunny Ears & Big Bowls. They needs to get a red sequin one. 

Costuming Hats, a bit harder than felt, meh quality. Cops, dandies, pirates and cowboys.

Beads, all plastic.

Lace boarders in black & white. Felt! These are great value, if only they had these 
back when I went through my felt phrase (never actually completed a project).

Iron on Lovlies. Beading kits (shall try soon), clear elastic string, paper punches. 

More Iron ones. 

Boards, for collages, one side sticky optional. 


Paper Clipboards. Pretty like Kikki K, function and durable if not at the desk? No.

Clay Projects. Shame they don't have a multi-colour box.

 Fake Flowers. 

Leaves and flowers. Great for a Greek Gods Headpiece.

Foam flowers! Idk why they're called 'lame'... lost in translation?
They come in baby pink, tangerine orange and a creamy white.
If only they had red, royal blue and black.

Here's a better white lighting picture. This one's $6-ish. You'd save so much 
on flowers going DIY and with foam you can even keep them too!

Blogger Mishelles Sleepy Time said... on December 30, 2013 at 1:22 PM  

Dang I need to check out Daiso when I come to Melbourne!

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