Thursday 5th December

This week's 'new place' we're trying is 'Goldilocks Lunch Boxes', it's a 3 piece lunch box delivered to your office for $15 (that what I've read, though this week it was $17.50). 

It's a weekly thing, each week it's a different theme, there's a carnivore version and herbivore. You could custom it a little, but requesting omission of an ingredient or two (I don't like that vegetable leaf with the purple stem). 

This week is the last lunch box they're doing for 2013, the theme was Christmas. Being an American naturally I love turkey! Egg nogg is a bit meh. 

There's always something big, something small and something sweet. 

Something Big - Cannings Free Range Smoked Turkey Breast, with Camembert, Cranberry, and Organic Salad Greens on Dench Multigrain

Cheessy me likely! This was much bigger than it looks, that or I have a small appitite. I like it, though I'd like more cranberry. Would I buy it at a cafe? No, I could make this at home. But they do have other weeks with other things I can't make. :)

Something Small - Fresh Summer Fruits
A lot of grapes, two strawberries, a cherry and a raspberry. These were either unwashed (but not dirty) or immaculately washed & dried. While I'd like to think the later, I think it might be the prior. Yes I did wash this before I ate it. 

Something Sweet - Dulce De Leche mini tartlet with Cinnamon & Ginger Spice Shortbread Shortbread Crust, topped with Macadamia Christmas Praline! This was lovely! Wished it was bigger :P. I've never had anything like it, and it's the perfect little treat. 

Overall it was a cool experience. Would I get it again? Yes, if I was in the city on a Thursday, had lots of time, and the contents of the lunchbox interests me. The box is only missing one thing - a drink. 

They do deliveries Wed-Fri, depending on your location. I assume you could get it delivered to the state libraray (sit outsite, no food inside) if you don't have an address in the city. Though the delivery times are somewhere between 11am - 1.30pm, so bring a book and some work to do.

They start in North Carlton (towards the Museum) and well I'm not sure what their route is... Today like yesterday it was cold, wet, windy and around 1pm it hailed. Great view from up high. Or suggled up safe in bed like Mr French Chef. I'd thought they start near Flinders but alas that was not the case, I got my lunch at 1.25pm. Amazingly the delivery guy got parking (there is no parking anywhere near Flinders).

Every (operating week) you get an email early on in the week of the menu, and you can order it online, payment online or cash on delivery (COD) please have close to the correct change though. :) Here's the link to sign up. 

Pictures of Past Lunch Boxes, because if you're like me you like pictures. :P

Where & When Goldilocks Delivers
Wednesday - Fitzroy, Carlton, Collingwood & Nth Melbourne
Thursday - The City (incl. Docklands & South Bank)
Friday - Richmond & Cremorne

Have you ever had lunch delivered to the office? 

By your partner or the pizza guy doesn't count. :P

Blogger Sue said... on December 12, 2013 at 8:14 PM  

This is pretty cool, haven't heard of it before!!! The something sweet looks delish!

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