Last Saturday

Ice-cream Appreciation Masterclass at Helados Jauja

The One Created for V'Day - Rosewater & Pistachio 
Goat's Milk with Cranberrries & Walnuts
White Chocolate Raspberry

What jas had. That's not Neapolitan. But that is definitely chocolate.

On the way there. Didn't buy a doughnut.
Free samples at the station, plane size!
Out there Linda is a lucky lady.

Saw the Silver Angel aka the White Lady.

Afterwards we went to a couple parks, scouting for a location for an event.

Park no. 2

Nice, but the bathroom is too far away. 

Location no.3 - Not a park but this place is almost perfect.
There's nice grass, shade, bathrooms, picnic tables.
But the top picture is also out front a library...

Some ideas, confetti balloons. Flying as always.
Love these wraps! Unfortunately our caterer doesn't do them.

Dinner with le beau - Spaghetti with Meatballs.
He cooks, I bake a little. We went to see/hear Dvork's New World Symphony.
It was magical! As almost always. First heard it in 'Barbie as Rapunzel.'


Love this colour and that dress on the left. But this shop is never open when we happen to be in town. :( One day we shall stop by when they're open! Just remember, I have a blue dress in that shade! But have never worn it as it's in the 'to be altered' box.  

We went to Palace Cinema Como, it was pretty and elegant! There were big ornate mirrors, a gallery of them, different sizes on a background of curtain. There was one in particular I loved. It would be the perfect wedding present *hint*. Floor to ceiling (though I'm certain the ceiling was visually lowered). Something the EQ would have in her room. 

The colour theme is black and gold, and the style is lavish: giant black columns, black drapes and diaphanous curtains, black carpet with floral details, chandeliers of blown glass as dark as blackberries. Intimate clusters of coffee tables, arm chairs and couches are moodily lit by gold silk lamps. The furniture is a harmonious clash of chinoiserie, faux crocodile, sumptuous velvet and solid marble.

This is the mirror I want, but bigger. That one had really bad lighting.

This is lovely. At night we shall cover it up, yes I'm afraid of reflective surfaces at night. :P

Dark walls are decorated with antique-style mirrors with glossy black frames - some mirrors are gigantic, others small, creating a warped sense of scale and perspective. It's all a little Alice in Wonderland. Created by Hecker Guthrie - Interior & Furniture Designers located in Melbourne 

We went to see The Gilded Cage ( "La cage dorée") . An upstairs-downstairs Parisian comedy about an immigrant couple - José, a builder, and Maria, a maid - who inherit a property back in Portugal, which provides them the chance to return to the homeland they left 30 years ago. But the pair are so well-loved by the community (and indispensable to their bosses) that family, neighbours, friends and employers are soon outdoing each other to find ways to prevent Maria and José from leaving.

It was very good, I liked it and would recommend it to anyone who likes French films, and comedies. Love when they decorated their place and it was lit with lots of candles and they used white linen. 

Though the best scene was where girl tells guy she's pregs, gasp shock horror overjoyed. Never have I seen a man with so much emotion! In such a short time.

Before the movie "we" went for take-away. SpudBar, I got the classic. Really like it, same as last time but with the original yellow potato rather than a sweet potato. Next time I'm asking for extra sour cream. Why isn't there one in the city? Not pictures as take-away doesn't get that many point for presentation.

What did you get up to on the weekend?

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