Gifts for Teachers @ Saturday, December 14, 2013

Gifts for Teachers

One big thing from the class or lots of little things? Le beau says the prior while Lily picks the later, she likes pretty things (a marketer's dream like me :P) while he's the guy who's got everything. Or at least everything that you could think of gifting him - he likes food though.

So without further ado here's our gift guide/suggestions for teachers. Not completely orginal as I think I might have read some of these suggestions somewhere already...

Homemade treats - or a hamper of it. Homemade though, if we all know most hampers that aren't made of chocolate, you more typical xmas ones - they're full of random crap made mainly in china. We don't eat things made in china or frozen things imported from "New Zealand". Another idea is go for a DIY candy bouquet, like a Lindt (Big W sometimes has sales on the big boxes) or Ferrero Rocher (fun if you have a nut allergy :P). Love the hamper in the picture! Once I did a 'Food as Gifts' Class. 

A subscription to their favourite magazine - Even guys subscribe to magazines. Please don't get Playboy though... Perhaps he likes cooking? For her if she's not your typical shopaholic girl, perhaps a food or health magazine? There's also those craft ones where you get stuff with it (first couple magazines are cheap but then they increase over time) where you end up (after like $500) with a binder full of info and a kit.

A gift card for a day spa - for women only. Guys will never use this and just pass it onto their closest female person. The only time a guy will go to a spa is with his girl. The spa at Crown looks lovely.  

An experience! Gift voucher from Red Balloon - Research shows that when people are given an xmas bonus they see that as part of their salary (boss probably makes them stay late or overloads them with work, so now they're almost even) but an experience is what they'll remember and see as a gift. 

Tea - if they're a tea person, think T2 rather than Lipton (even if they buy it in bulk and store it on a bookshelf in their office). Though really T2 is just a hype, there are less known brands out there with tea just as good but cheaper. I once spent $90 on tea - true story. Do they collect teapots? I'd love to meet someone with a collection of fancy ones! 

Alcohol - Do find out what their poison is first though. :P Someone I found out that's very popular is purchasing a pallet load of wine in a year of significance e.g. having a child, getting married. So say 18yrs later you have old wine (the older the better) worth $$$ and that'll make a lovely gift. Wine is always a good idea says le beau.  

A voucher to an amazing restaurant - fail safe, most people like food. Actually scratch that, all people (including those who don't keep it down) like food - except mother. I think it was 'Good Food' that did giftcards and you could use them at any of the restaurants on their list (there was a few).

Tickets to events like the Open Air Cinema, The State Theatre, or the Movies - Not a teenage boy band concert or Taylor Swift. Opera is always good, opt for a comedy. My favourite card under this area would be one for the MSO!

Candles - It's something people love to received, but not many would buy it themselves (or maybe that's get me...) though I do think this one is more for females. Guys like candles too - they just don't want to admit it. :P Which scent to get? Ask her/his friends. 

Giftcard at the Mall - Think Westfield/Chadstone/Melb Central. Not Dymocks where all the books cost twice or more than A card for a certain shop that you know they love/shop at would be cool.

A set of expensive nail polish like OPI - for girls only. Do find out if they actually ever paint their nails though and what their style is e.g. nudes only vs fun! Gaga nails.

Something themed and cute! - Women only. I had a teacher who loved frogs, a girl who loved penguins, and Lily who loves foxes (the current range at Typo). You could get them something with that animal on it. 

Le beau says no to...

  • anything apple themed
  • mugs, especially ones that say "World's Best Teacher"
  • anything with "World's Best Teacher" on it
  • fake chocolate aka unknown brands. If you're going for chocolates go for quality, at least Lindt. But as it's a special occasion we'd recommend a box of truffles - $$ chocolate from a chocolate boutique like Lindt, Koko Black etc.

What do you normally get for your teachers?

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