Oz the Great and Powerful - Part 2 @ Saturday, December 28, 2013

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That's what the story is about. If Evanora is evil and Theodora always had it within her, shouldn't Glinda have it within her to turn evil too?

I absolutely love the setting, magical world and all. It's so pretty! I'd love to have an Oz Themed Party, but it's too late. But I can post pictures of a candy buffet with the theme. Regret not seeing the movie when it first came out, I remember there were huge ads at the station. 

As well as the set I love the costumes, Theodora's red hat, Evanora's beaded dresses and Glinda's first V Dress. The costumes are a mix of period and architectural influences – roughly late Victorian/early 20th century and Art Deco (Eastern and Asian influence).  

Theodora's Victorian style riding outfit, we loved. Unfortunately to make that work you have to tall and thin - or thin enough to wear leather pants. 

More mercury green than emerald, although the skirt lining is a couple of shades darker. Finishing on the hips, this long and light crepe silk skirt has an uneven hem rising toward the left knee. It is covered by swirls of light green thread holding tiny transparent discs, cubes and Swarovski Crystals.

Bodice follows a 1930s evening gown style with gentle V that is offset slightly to the left. Crystals and similar appliqué condense near the bust, which is lined in black lace popping into view above a cluster of heavy white beading. The dress fits almost like a halterneck; black lace follows up and over the shoulders while the stand collar is made entirely of emerald green feathers. Black feathers sprout from each shoulder giving off a militaristic air. The black lace sleeves have a double button cuff, wrapped in swirled black thread which matches the skirt. Turquoise, light green and back sequins bunch toward each cuff.

Just realized I could create an Evanora-esque emerald pendent from the Mimico one I bought a while back! Here's a guide for making your own and you don't need Mod Podge. 

This is The Wicked Witch of the West with cleavage. The skirt is comprised of sheared lace strips completely torn away between the legs but left full-length toward the rear. Underneath the skirt are black leggings covered in black figure of eight pintucking. The lace strips are printed with lightning bolts and sprays of silver. This skirt seems like something Helena Bonham Carter might choose to wear whether in character or not. Fitted like a corset the bustier is lined black leather and black lace trim with stud buttons to the front and functioning drawstring to the rear. Leather puff sleeves are attached to the shoulder above long black cotton/Spandex sleeves that zip fasten from the cuff along the forearm into fingerless gloves. The sleeves are covered in a black Art Deco pattern that matches the front of the bodice. On each shoulder are leather and rubber wings, webby and bat like, with two claws protruding from the front and rear. Although it is not immediately obvious, even on close inspection, the dress buttons along the front of the bodice and down the full length of the skirt – here the buttons are left open from the natural waist downwards.

The bodice is cream and white, encased in tulle with a pre-attached silk bow. It follows a V-shape, Regency style, covered in what look to be ostrich feathers dipped in silver (bird symbolism is apparent with all the witches’ costumes but is most obvious with Glinda). Sleeves are tulle filled with clear crystal and sequin clusters that thicken toward the cuff. There is ruching to the shoulders which are draped in fine lace and threaded with silver lamé. Glinda’s shoes are cute white and pink high heel courts, the toes sprinkled with glitter.

This is the the dress inspired by the original Glinda the Good.

Love the dolls! I'd love Evanora. Sad that I didn't see the movie right away and buy the doll.

Glinda Inspired - Though I prefer whites to pink/muted gold.


Have you seen Oz?

It's a magical place!

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