Daiso on Flinders - Part 2 @ Sunday, December 29, 2013


Pylons-esque at a fraction of the price.

The design on the right (bins) is Cath Kidston-esque.
Fun sponges! For the kitchen, love the swiss rolls.

More vintage rose designs, oven gloves and mitts. Dots for the 50s.

Cookie cutter sets, best value in the store?
Hearts, 6 petal flowers and wide gingerbread men.

Chocolate & Ice Molds, Sifter, Cookie & Rice Molds (for the Bentos).

Tart pan! Might be back for this. Madelines tin, makes five at a time.

Little foil cupcakes, heart shaped and round. For rum balls?

Cute bowl designs for the kids. The bear is perfect for porridge!

Mugs for Sundaes, Trinket Thingys and Apple Sugar/Honey Pots.

A glass for every occasion. 

 For desserts, set out fine-dinning style. 

Pink diamonds and other glass diamonds in different cuts.

Cushions, need to make a cover for them though. 
Blue Diamond, neon wrapping paper.

Things for the Bathroom.

Cath Kidston spades. Love the strawberries and blue rose. 

Fish & Deco Things. Add water, floating candles, wishing stones? 

Double-sided tape! Lots of widths and types. 

Cute sauce bottles for your bentos. Muffin baskets, 

micro-fibre cloths (for your face). Travel neck pillows.

Photo albums and deco frames. Great for an earring frame. 

Stick-on stain glass window stickers! Gardening tool set for the gnomes. 

Those green florist sponges they use in boxed flowers. Go DIY save $$. 

Hangers for the Wardrobe. Scarves and Ties. 

Boxes for organizing stuff in the study, or craft room.

Tinsel! I'd love a tinsel crown, just hope it's not itchy!

My favourite Daiso product - organization boxes with dividers!

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Blogger Kay HermosaVogue said... on December 30, 2013 at 11:31 AM  

Did you buy the organization box with dividers?

Blogger Charlie said... on December 30, 2013 at 9:13 PM  

Yes, they're great for organizing your stuff in the bathroom and in draws. :)

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