Recaps of 2013 - January @ Sunday, January 05, 2014

Annual monthly recaps of the year! While I remember summer quite well the same can't be said for the rest of the year. As always we shall look at the pretty things and ignore the ugly things bad events, like the bit where the dr suggested I had arthritis, the bit where le beau left me for 3 months 20 days, the bit where I went Lady Macbeth and nearly died twice.

Sapa Hills - Custard Apple Drink $4.00

Sapa Hills - Beef Wrapped in Wild Betel Leaves with Vermicelli $12

Found my favourite asian take-away place out West (no where remotely where we live :P). Sapa Hills. It's very cheap, clean (don't go to the bathroom here) and the service (from the manager) is good - he remembers me! Love the custard apple drink, my favourite dish is the 'Beef Wrapped in Wild Betel Leaves with Vermicelli' $12.

Made white chocolate mousse using a recipe from Monica Trapaga's book. 
It was nice, but had a salty aftertaste.

Did summer school with miss eco. Had fish & chips at 'The Beach Hotel' on a Wednesday. 

Saw an acrobatic magic show! It was amazing!

Loving Froyo at Cacao Green! This was my first froyo exp here. 

Bought V&R's Flowerbomb for $130. Yes that is a great price.

Saw 'Sleeping Beauty' failed to read that it was for kids.

On a Sunday le beau casually proposed!

Made Poh's Melting Moments.

Had lunch at Bao Now which I really like) it's now closed. :( 
WonderBao doesn't have the same fillings. Buffalo & butter chicken.

Went to the bi-annual carnival with Freud & Emily. 
Had 'Potato Swirly Thing on a Stick' which I've always wanted to try. 
The carnival is getting worse, won't be going next year.  

60/60 egg, avocado, feta, lamb sausage, harissa, toast 15.00

On Australia Day we went to LuxBite for Brunch. I've never actually ever been to brunch before, not a morning person.  The dish itself I liked. I've never actually had poached eggs before. But for $15 the dish is a bit small.   

Had Pavlova 9.00
Yuzu, blueberry, mango, strawberries, popping pearls. 

It was amazing! The cream was mousse like with a hint of Yuzu (asian citrus fruit), the fruit was fresh (with the exception of the mango, canned. I have yet to go to a place that serves fresh mango), and the popping pearls was the frosting on the cake. Little beads that burst full of mango flavour.

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