Alone for a Week @ Monday, January 06, 2014

Monday 30th December 

Saw 'La Vie en Rose' literally Life in Pink, (with the figurative meaning "life through rose colored glasses"). It was sad. Instead of Paris being the City of Lights & Love it was dirty, a slum and like Sweeney/Sherlock's London. I love "Non, je ne regrette rien" it's a classic as NY is to Dean Martin and Frank Sinata, Paris is to Édith Piaf. 

Got up before 3pm! Bought candy for my last SMC partner. :) Found ANZAC Cookies in a small plane/sample size which I didn't expect to find. Hoping it won't all melt! Onto shipping, under 500g is $11/14 (sea/air), 500g-1kg $20 (sea) and over 1kg is $30! How much faster is air compared to sea? Looking at the middle one.

On a day when the internet was out we watched 'White Chicks' my most watched movie, though I don't say that's my favourite movie when people ask because most people haven't seen it so they think a. I like white chicks b. I like white d..... XD 

Watched the first episode of Devious Maids, it was ok not sure if I want to watch a series about the help, that's kinda depressing. Thought Marisol was also Carmen, worked at two houses and Carmen was her stage name... My favourite character just from the first/pilot ep. is Rosie (maid to the B-List actress). Did see some actors from other shows, Alma is still an ex. Will she ever find a man who loves her? People we saw:

  • Brenda - The Mentalist (CBI)
  • Hilda Surez - Ugly Betty (Betty's Sister)
  • Jason Dilirantis - Pretty Little Liars (Ali's Brother
  • Alma - Desperate HW (Orsen's Ex)


What if you were told you're going to die in a week? We'd fly to Paris and get married there, still need the bouquet I selected and a strings quartet. Get married at a courthouse or church, don't need anyone there but us. Explore London, historical sites - in costume. Go to City of Prague and Vienna to see a concert. 

Meeting got moved up, made it just in time :P Job interview for a volunteer position in the events part of a NFP org. Did I get it? Not sure but I did get the info for the training day. Asked for refs, but mine are all on holidays. Asked Hector and mr events. The first is on holidays, the later hesitated (because I didn't do too well in events) but said yes.

Top Right - Next week we shall come early and bring a book.  

Bought postcards for the last penpal. A foam gingerbread house kit and some paper at OW. Went looking for calenders - 50% off btw, small range at Liz St, but they had Garfield, Dilbert, Sudoku/origami and the basics. All desk or wall types/sized though.

Officeworks on Elizabeth St 

Random stranger said I looked nice O.o that does happen, though guys never say that... I was wearing a b/w suit btw, and nothing in my bag was missing afterwards. Hello paranoia, if you go out west you're advised to keep your money in your front pockets. :P

Snacks, RR is having a promo. Just print this off and present it in stores, no purchase required. Black Sesame Ice Cream was nice, but nothing I'd get again. Nothing beats homemade gelato from Helados. Though Connoisseur is an alternative.

Witchery, bought a bell jar which I got for free as I use my rewards birthday credit. It's 12.5cm in diameter and 14cm in height. Love bell jars for deco. Not sure what I shall display in it yet.

Myer had the 1-1.2kg jar of melting moments for $12. Sadly sold out.  

Lost mail was found! Someone decided to gather everything into a bag (we have 150+) one of those genric enviro-friendly ones. I was about to buy replacement tickets as thought they were lost. Lost mail included $300+ of tickets, $100 gift card (maybe expired by now, thanks a lot) and a bunch of invitations to end of year events. We're getting a PO Box, just for me.


Goals for 2014

  • Dance (signed up for classes, 2-3 each week in Feb)
  • Meet New People (March, got this thing to sign up for)
  • Go to concert pre-talks (we make it just in time for cloaking normally)
  • Use the mini camera more (read the bk and use it)
  • Cook once a week (not too realistic...)
  • Organize my room (less displaying, more functional) this includes cleaning Polly Pocket, and reorganizing both the grey shelf and doll house 
  • Be super clean is that's possible (9 mini goals)
  • Play badminton again (starts with seeing the dr)
  • Create a custom piece of jewelry (emerald brooch?) 
  • Have fish & chips at the beach
  • Fly a kite (Step 1: Buy a kite)
  • Wear more jewelry (create outfits around them)
  • Moisturize my feet 2-3 times a week
  • Do my nails every fortnight (already got 50+)

Saw a concert in Vienna, love to go there some day! They played bleu daube! And we saw Julie Andrew there. Tickets start from $60 and the very best is over $1800. :( Also you go into a draw to even be considered access to purchasing tickets. 

Bought a calender, retro design epic fail, must return this one.

At some point we went outside.


Saw 'Dark Shadows' it was ok. Love Angelique's costuming, and that chandelier! 

Researching rings while he's away. We discovered silver tarnishes (changes colours) and that sterling silver is like fake silver (an alloy of silver, 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.). It's the cheapest white metal. So you'd want a white gold ring or better, platinum. 

White gold is more durable than silver, it does not tarnish, and it holds its shine very well. Yes it's expensive, but wait till you see platinum.

Platinum is the “premium” white metal. It is the hardest and most durable white metal. durability and longevity is reflected in its cost  

Alternatives to White Gold Rings

Asha is a cubic zirconia gem, will get cloudy over time. Hmm... why not go for a clear quartz some start off cloudy. :P Moissanite looks like the one, goes great with a white gold or plat band. 

Moissanite Vs. DiamondMoissanite cannot compare in color to a colorless diamond. Moissanite has a slightly darker (approximately H-K color) but really cannot be differentiated from a diamond in the same setting. You might be able to see a difference in color if you compared loose Moissanite stones and loose diamond stones.”

Should I get paper, silk or real flowers for our wedding? Found this site that does crepe paper flowers that are amazing! That's the one le beau ordered my rose from.

This past week has been a blur, not that it had been fast but quite the opposite. Le beau & co are away, and I'm on my own (though Lucy's following me everywhere). One outing this week to a job interview, no adventures and too much tv. I'm also now nocturnal again. The neighbour is been retired since the 80s (or so we're told) he does nothing, how does he do that? Live a life not full of adventures, new things, but instead becoming the spinster aunt-esque character.

Saw Casanova, I like it. Recommend it? Yes. Haven't seen many movies set in Venice, the canals are amazing. We'd love to go some day. Love that everyone got their happily ever after, even the mother (who got her daughter's betrothal). One of the best scenes was the hot air balloon, science vs witchcraft. XD

What is that strange instrument? A hearing device? Natalie Dormer looks odd blonde, her character was funny. What does breaking the wood mean? Too passive for my liking though she didn't say that much. Her best role is still as Anne Boylen in the BBC Tudors, she was amazing in that, and looks better as a brunette.

Starting organizing the perler beads, 6,000 of them. We're using cupcake liners, the expensive ones that hold themselves up. Sadly the kit only had 9 colours that was the rainbow + pink + bk/white, no nude/skin colour. And the pink is an awful ham pink! I'd prefer hot pink. Creating any characters is out. First to organize and then I'll share our creations! Have you ever played with perler beads?

Hello wedding season on ebay! Best deco bargains. Bird cages, candles, table numbers, wishing wells and more candles are some of the things I've seen. Love the floating candles! All items are pick-up only due to size so you mightn't get everything you see and like.

Watched 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' a classic. Audrey Hepburn is so pretty... And she's one of those rare people who is just as stunning without make-up, a true natural beauty. Is she wearing a wig as Holly Golightly? I've never seen pictures with her with long hair. Almost everyone in this movie is dead, except the Japanese guy upstairs, who turned out to be not asian O.o

We have two Tiffany's here though I feel to do anything more than a glance would be considered loitering, at 6am when they're closed they don't have anything displayed in the windows. Love Holly's earplugs, and overall style. A big hat and sunglasses, earrings and the little black dress. She also has a trench coat. Being quite tall she can pull off wearing big hats.

Holly's Apartment - I love Paul's deco style, and wardrobe. Her's says no commitment.

Planning to watch a few other classic soon. Have you seen the classics?

Meanwhile offline I'm clearing out some shelves. Won't be able to move the boxes when they're full. Will need to wait for le beau to move them, empty storage boxes alone are very heavy and I can barely lift them. Missing him, badminton and trips to the city.             

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