Dark Shadows @ Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Finally saw 'Dark Shadows' the other night, it was one of those rare movies that was advertised everywhere at the main station, while I have no interest in the 60s/70s the setting looked interesting.

The ghost scenes are amazing. Love Josette's ghost dress, which is 
filmed in a pool. The dress without the ghost overlay isn't as amazing. 

It's all about the special effects

Helena Bonham Carter looks very odd with orange hair and with a not so crazy personality. We've only ever seen her at various states of craziness from Miss Havisham to Belladonna Lestrange.

Love chandeliers, though I think you'd need a mansion for this one. 

What happens when Barnabas and Angelique get together.

Loved the portraits of her "grandmothers" in her office, with period costuming 
since 1790 till 1972. Is the bottom center one from the 20s?

Angelique Bouchard is stunning! Especially in a red sequin dress. Love how she dies, she turns into a procelin doll, and rips out her heart. Why does she insist on liking someone who doesn't like her? Why doesn't she just put a spell on him? How come she's a servant and a witch? If it runs in the family wouldn't her family live forever too?

Amazing entrance. 

Preppy Vs Daring : Dark Shadows

Roger Collins (far right in the picture above) looked familiar, but as he was blond I didn't recognize him, that and he shaved. It's Sherlock! (US ed.).

Have you seen 'Dark Shadows' the movie or series from the 80s?

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