Surviving the Heatwave! @ Thursday, January 23, 2014

This would be amazing! Assuming the night is actually cool that is.


Is everyone storing their cosmetics and all (incl. nail polish and perfume) in the fridge? We've got warm towels (w/o a towel warmer) and a warm dissolved sugar scrub in the bathroom. It's so hot that work has been cancelled for Friday too.

"...temperatures above 104 degrees Fahrenheit/40 degrees Celsius will cause a product to age (that is: separate, curdle, melt, soften, yellow, or smell) three times faster than if the product was stored at room temperature or below." - Source

Someone thought it was a good idea to chuck the mail in the car. Melted lipstick all over my bag... Three bottles of sunscreen, would they still work after being in the heat for that long?

Made it to class on time and saw D on the way there and back (he's in the group) which is odd as I don't tend to come/go as the same time as others. Strong disike for being mainstream. Peak hour trains cancelled and late trains (they slow down when the weather isn't perfect for a picnic, rain and hot). We were packed pretty tightly on the express, luckily I was only take it a station or two. 

Teacher was very late, came from the beach. Long class discussion on the ten minute rule from middle school (you can leave if they don't turn up, by leave we mean go to the libary or the common room). Disscovered my word limit for writing is less than 500 words. It hurts.

Grill'd - Someone is very talented!

Late lunch at BingBoy, chicken. It was good but nothing as amazing as the duck. Drinks at the Pancake Parlour, pretty good, almost as good as chocolate. :P Le beau would have really liked it. The manager was super tall and worn a satin-ish shirt that was nice.

Salted Caramel Mountain Malt aka Pint-ish size milkshake


Got up at 9.30 too late to go to the dr, 33 degrees outside. Took more pictures while listening to Beethoven, which Lucy & George like. They're also fascinated in sound coming out of a screen and stared at it. Sorted more perler beads. Called for more quotes. 

So much to do for tomorrow, shopping tonight. Also going to make deviled eggs. Food has been ordered and confirm. Still need to buy/source an ice bucket + ice, and move everything into the van. Made a list now we just need to gather all the stuff. 

MSO. Turns out A reserve doesn't mean closest to the front, it means best for view/hearing. Contry to my belief that being relatively closer is better. 2nd row you're pretty much below ground/stage level. Best seats are in the circle, balcony always has good views but it's high up, very high!

This is hilarious. XD *click to enlarge*

Sunscreen to last the year! And a huge fun beach bag.

Size comparison. Wish we could go to the beach sometime.

Had a lot of mail this week, including twine!

Different batches seem to have variations slightly. I prefer the brighter one.

Don't they look lovely together? Inspiration for girl/boy twinset combo birthday party.

The three, thanks Angie! :) Looking forwards to creating arty crafty things with these.
You can buy these at 'Whimsy Farm Twine' for $5 a roll, flat rate delivery $8.   

Anonymous Anonymous said... on January 23, 2014 at 3:09 PM  

OMG love twine. Such a good bargain!

Blogger Kacie said... on January 23, 2014 at 3:55 PM  

LOLing at that harry potter thing, too funny! So mature ;)

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