Recaps of 2013 - December @ Friday, January 24, 2014


Had Chicken Noodle Soba at Purple Peanuts after an exam. I rarely order noodles.

My first set of textured nail polish. 

Oragami Flowers!

Loving hot chips at Grill'd.

Helados Jauja - Ice Cream Appreciation Masterclass

Went to see The Gilded Cage ( "La cage dorée"), it was very good.

Loving these mirrors.

Postcard from Stevenson (OUAT Town!) from Miss Canada 

Hortchata @ Fonda Mexican

Char Grilled Corn @ Mamasita

Snacks. Love coconut water, didn't think I would. 

RENT, was loud. But it was good, but still I thought it was better last time. 

Boxing Day - (Free Coconut) Ice Cream!

Priceline 40% Off Skincare.

Bought perler beads, which I've always wanted.

Fabric for Lucy's capes.

Using a tripod for night shots!

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