The Best of 2013 @ Saturday, January 25, 2014

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes

Best Moment - He causally proposed! Yes he does know that he'll have to do that again. :P In a way that is impressive and one that we can actually tell others about. Sky-writing perhaps? An analysis says that the words won't last long enough to have the complete question up there - unless you have multiple plans. Costs too much... But an impressive ring box would be nice. :)
Have we set a date? Still working on that, perhaps 16th April 2016.

Saw 'Sleeping Beauty' the ballet with a Gothic interpretation where all 
the faeries were all vampires (though only two bite). It was amazing! 

Did an online course, the first I've followed though, on positive thinking.
I'm surrounded by dark stormy clouds, especially on Saturdays.

Watched every episode of Desperate Housewives, all eight seasons. Loved it.
Our favourite character is Bree, and it would have been better with Edie around.
Bree & Lynette has great endings, Carlos abandoned his career for Gabby's...
And Susan moved to college with Julie to raise her grandchild. End of her story.

Bought shoes! While I love looking at them I don't buy them, as I have special feet that require $$$ shoes that are flat. Everything hurts, and I hate flats - as in ballet flats. Can't wear just anything. This one's great though not for everyday use or parties where you stand around. 

Found the job! Position filled within a week. Would have moved for it.

70-ish Competitions Won (Inc. Tix)
22 Tickets Won (Double Passes Count as One) 

Crabtree & Evelyn Gift Sets - Her's & His.
Entry - A Quote.

Tickets to the Jasongrech Bridal High Tea
We firmly believe selling tickets cheaper on the day than online is wrong!
The food was nice, our 2nd bridal event the first I enjoyed.

Tim Tams! All flavours except strawberry. Love getting food in the mail!
Our favourite is Mint and Rum & Raisin, le beau's waiting for Salted Caramel. :P

 In a silent auction we won tickets for a Krispy Kreme Tour, a true exclusive as no one has posted about it and they don't do tours open to the public or food bloggers (which I am not). Really hoping we can take pictures! If not it'll still be great to eat them after watching them being created. Le beau says that's not the right word, though they're better than cooked.

Won 14 bottles of nail polish! Which I'll only use once or twice...
Since we have np from the 80s I'm assuming they last for some time.

Saturday Lollipop - Strawberry Doughnut Necklace
I really like this, love TinyHands (the original/most well known one) but shipping kills it.
Love doughnuts, and Lucy loves pink so it's perfect for us! 

Lust Have IT - Bridal Party Box
Love the ideal of food subscription boxes, though fashion/beauty is too generalize and not my style, I'm a custom. So I don't subscribe but I do like the idea of these boxes. Great for girls who want to try new products but don't know where to start, and girls who can be categorized.

MJ's Honey Perfume
Cool bottle, but I don't like this one... Since it was gifted I didn't get any pictures.

35 Events Attended (Didn't Work At)
4 Movies Seen in Cinemas.
20 Events Worked At.

This year we went to two high teas. The later had a small focus on food, but had style.
I've never been to high tea before, we shall plan out own this year!
Looking forwards to High Tea at the Windsor on our anniversary. 

Most Amazing Performances - Sleeping Beauty Gothic Ballet

Rama Nicholas in Death Rides a Horse. The later was best live performance of the year.

We were in a play! While I like to pretend to be all involved when we were in high school that's not true. I was involved but in the more academic clubs. Drama was an exclusive club.

Was on the team to create (plan and do) our first event, failed to read the part where it said it was a final year subject... But it was fun, designed the stationary and got a few sponsors including the highlight of the buffet table - cupcakes! Compensating for not selling a single ticket.

Attended a couple opera events (paid for none, won all the tickets) including white night which had a huge contrast that was almost an representation of me, the one who feels different from the others as I'm not interested in what they are. I love the arts, and dinning out - in big dresses, not clubbing and wearing Cotton On Crap. I like classical music and am not into modern bands, especially boy bands.

Our first and last (?) cabaret show, R+ rated it was a bit scary. But the circus acts were amazing, other parts were weird. There's a reason this show was held deep in the underground. I don't know what cabaret is exactly, but some people look better clothed.

Another first, we went to a comedy show, and it was funny (as expected). I have never been to a comedy show before, I discover new things through a series of older men (all past friends or exes nowadays) or on my own. No one invites me anywhere, other than le beau. Jas is the exception, he's just a passive person. I saw the purple turtle puppet in real life!  

Won a Scavenger Hunt! Won last year too (different team) came 2nd last in the mid-year one as we had 1.5 people on the team and my bag was taken hostage so we lost an hour.

Saw four movies, paid for none. Won tickets or had gift vouchers. 

My first high tea on the 4th of July at a hotel. Tea for one.
All the adults (le beau & co) work on weekdays.

Tried New Places & Things - Nachos! Cacao Green, Buffets (Hollywood Buffet, China Bar), Shyun, Purple Peanuts. Around 50 new places, that can't be right? Almost 60 reviews on my urbanspoon page.

Most Delicious Thing We Ate - Saint Peter's Trattoria's Panna Cotta 15.00
Yes it's tiny and $$ but if you love white chocolate you'll love it! 

We went to a buffet lunch twice at China Bar and afternoon tea once at Hollywood.

Chocolait - Pavlova $10 (Huge Slice)

Lindt - Hot Chocolate $6 (More Choc less Cream)
Le Petite Creperie - French snack! <$7

Our Favourite Place to Eat not in the City - Shyun (near Carnegie Station) it's cheap and amazing, always booked out for dinner on a Thu/Fri-Weekend, but there's always take-away. I've been here with le beau and he loves it too, and sometimes gets take-away. We recommend the bentos (they have pre-made and select your own), also the their baked cheesecake, eat it straight from the fridge chilled.

One of My Go-To Places in the City - Purple Peanuts is opposite Southern Cross, perfect for dinner before changing trains coming in from out west and going home - assuming I finish before they close. They do the best teryaki chicken here but I do love the soba noodles too.

MadMex - Nachos $12

Fonda Mexican - Hortchata $6
Mamasita -  Elote callejero $5

This year we tried Mexican food and I love it! Especially the nachos. The hortchata is near East Richmond Station (walking distance) and reminds me of egg noog! Mamasita does the best corn (Fonda's a bit under cooked and bland), and well I love MadMex's nachos.

Dinner Recommendations 
Tuesday Digestion Menu $25 @ The Beach (Sth Melb Beach)

Huxtaburger! - We love our burgers! Take-away highly recommended. 
Red Pepper - Butter Chicken & Mango Lassi. It gets busy here fast.

LuxBite - Endless Love $9
I love this! This is what my birthday cake will look like but bigger!
Fortunately/unfortunately not in the city, South Yarra.

Helados Jauja - Ice Cream
Helados does the best ice cream, homemade and so many flavours! (24).
I love the durian, xmas pudding, v'day and quite a few more.
Great after the pictures on Lygon St.

Cacao Green - Froyo (w lychee boba) $10
I love froyo, it's not yoghurt by the way, just marketed to seem that way.
At around $10 you won't have this too often. I perfer to buy per size than gram.
Canned fruit I dislike, go fresh and also always get the boba!

Like - Spud Bar

Big servings, all fresh. Why aren't you in the city?
We recommend going here if you're after dessert at LuxBite later.

Strangest Named Place - Meet Fresh
It was meh, don't eat here unless you like asian desserts.

I love hot chips! Grill'd does the best chips, while Lord of the Fries does the best sauce (Belgian). Regular is huge at Grill'd, sharing size as I forgot. Always get the chili mayo dip.

What were your top moments/eats/adventures of 2013?

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