Dracula (2013) @ Monday, February 17, 2014

The other week we finished the first season of Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Henry 8th, The Tudors). I didn't expect to like the show but we both liked it! Love the costumes and amazing place Dracula lives in. He has a four poster bed though we don't ever see him in it, as he spends much more time in Lady Jayne's bed. :P

It starts with a welcome party, where the characters are introduced.

Lovely dresses, Lucy has style!

The Characters. We get another shot of Lucy's amazing dress.
Also loving Lady Jayne's dresses, and shoots like this one.

Carfax Manor

The Master. Stripes are always in.

Another great outfit for Lucy!

This one's my favourite outfit for her. She looks better blonde than brunette,
like in Merlin (Morgana, style to just black and homeless).

She also has great hairpieces, not sure about that khaki colour though...

Lady Jayne also has style, love that overlay on the corset. DIY-able!

This one's her battle outfit, instead of OUAT Snow White's pants with a long coat style, at first she wears a skirt but then exchanges that for pants, being the only woman on the show (Victorian England era) to wear pants.

Another stunning dress for Lady Jayne. What is Lucy wearing?
Jonathan looks suspicious, wandering what's going on in the corridor...

Are you watching Dracula?

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