The Second Week of February @ Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Monday 10th February

Last week's card - finished!

Painted my nails!

Late to class, but we caught up fast. Maroon/wine cards today. They're meh, not the coolest ones. The bottom one isn't down, picture more rhinestones where the space is. Underestimated how many I needed, buying more next week. That's the card le beau is receiving.

The heart puncher I bought arrived! My last one died, this one's the best one you can get, as it's really good quality and not made of plastic. Made butterfly half brooches for le beau and I. Also creating Mrs Fergason's Felt Heart Cloud Brooch

Danced, did not slip this time but someone else did, hope she's ok. Not sure if we're going on Wednesday we have a meeting on for work. 

TuesdaySupport group meeting. Helpful? Not really. But I am very lucky to have le beau. :)

Love cinnamon donuts!


Today we're hating the outdoors, so many flies! The only way not to get attached is hide behind the newspaper or wrap yourself up in gladwrap. 

Manager meeting, Andy's assistant manager, no he doesn't want to be, but he was requested. Which is pretty amazing. Jobs rarely request for you. Sounds a bit scary and complex. But I'd get some much experience points for this, an uncommon event where I learn heaps and can actually do a mini paragraph about on the resume. :)

Won some hair products.

Loving brie!

Won movie tickets (also won x2 double passes to other movies).

Won some moisturizer, I used to love this stuff. But have moved onto more natural things.

We finally go to start the perler beads project! Seems more fun than it is though...

Love looking at all things interior design & styling.

Great tip from a French Living/Style Book, not my style at all, but it had a couple good tips.

If only it were true...

I love this! If only I had a spare draw or shelf. 


South Yarra

Top 3 Design Shop

Dessert at LuxBite

Received a rose! Not from le beau.

Worked at Supergraph.



7 Habits of Incredibly Happy People

Failed to get up today... but we did have dreams about Freud admitting he likes guys :P which according to jas (who's an expert on the topic) he does. Though Freud is scared to gay people for unknown reasons. 

Went dancing, we must remember to take smaller steps and look left. 739 pictures taken this week! And we didn't do much other than work and eat a little. 284 pictures made the first cut. 190 of those are from Supergraph.

Dinner with Andy


Currently watching, season one.  

Blogger Kay HermosaVogue said... on February 18, 2014 at 9:56 PM  

So many thoughts.

Firstly, what did you make those perler beads into? Looks like an envelope at the top.

Secondly, I love the blue card you made, super cute

Thirdly, howcome you don't like the Clinique lotion? It's my HG!

That is all.

Blogger Charlie said... on February 18, 2014 at 10:43 PM  

A letter, first person I asked said gmail. :P The small red/white circle is a pokeball (Pokemon). We chose to make them small, so we can make them into brooches. Currently waiting for le beau to melt them together (I'm accident prone). Will post pictures of the finished product.

Thanks, the blue card is my best one this month. :)

I know what you mean when you say Clinque's a HG. Is it I agree. Had a major allergic reaction a couple years ago, so now it's not enough, but hopefully the + version is more intense. But at the moment I love Trilogy for sensitive skin.

By the way with the beauty book at DJ you can get the lotion/three step samples - travel size! Ends start of March.

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