Fourteen Days into Feb. - 2014 @ Friday, February 21, 2014

A lovely rose, from the travelling florist near Purple Peanuts on the 14th. 

$20 roses (a single rose that is) at Flinders. Bottom right picture.

Love V'Day crafting! Crayons for Kinder, Confetti Deco Hearts
Mini Cone & Meringue Tops. Burt's Bees Lip Balm.

Things to do with Raspberry M&Ms.

Cookies are always a good idea. But I'm more of a cupcake person.

LuxBite - Cupcake Central - Le Petite Creperie

Death by Food. Please don't use packet mix cheesecake.
Lily found & bought this card, she then framed it!

This only works if you work with bitches, you're a model or you work in an office.

Friday Dessert at LuxBite. I like it but don't love it. Loved the white chocolate mousse, but not so much the jelly within. We shall be back to try other things! Met Cate, a food blogger. It is not cool that they decided to extend the special another week. Le beau & I could have gone together. 

Love those roses, would have bought them if I wasn't going to work. That and we were out of hands. Hopefully we can get a special request. I'd estimate it to be around $20-$25 as each flower is normally $5. Free hug! I've never seen this here before. Another balloon guy, on the opposite corner.

Back to the office to get water, and a trip to Purple Peanuts to get dinner. 
Thought we knew the way to work and got lost... But we got there eventually!

In between that we spotted a florist selling roses for $5/$10 depending on size. 
I wanted to get one after work and he gave me one for free. :) Next Thursday and still alive! 

A girl drew cats on cardboard. Lots of cats on cardboard, 
various designs and sizes, I bought one for Lily. 

Love these, but we're out of space for deco things that aren't framed.

The highlight of the expo!

That's very creative! Made at the drawing table (we have glue & scissors).

Work has asked for pictures, but I kinda failed to take pictures of people...

What do you like to take pictures of?

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