Supergraph - Graphic Art Fair @ Saturday, February 22, 2014

Last week's event, mainly more for industry/artists I think than the general public.

There was an area where you could make a peak of a mountain "Go tell a mountain" and write a secret one it. I can't really think of anything that wouldn't get us arrested/fired/etc. :P It was very popular and lots of people draw on them. The mountains grows throughout these three posts.

We sell chocolate! Only milk and dark though, with popping candy. $15

Yes that is expensive, but really we're selling the packing/styling I think.

The styling in pretty cool though. 

I found these painting very interesting. They all represent social issues.
There was a kioshi fan one, 3 fans, that represented nuclear things in Japan.

The Great Barrier Reef - It's dying due to global warming. 

If only she did customs, I'd love one.

Another piece I liked was this one, it's $770 which it's pretty cool and organzied you could make this in an art class. Lily said she loved going to arty events to get inspiration for her class. 

A bit of exploring, loving these pinatas by Kit. Inside is tissue paper confetti so you can keep them forever. How you could destroy art I don't know. Other than if you were a child and believed they were massed produced in a factory somewhere in China.

Felt Brooches, Bunting-ish, Small Pinatas

Unfortunately they were out of materials for the day - I really wanted to make one.

Frankie Magazine/Press had a simply activity to create badges, there's a metal pressing thing that does it. Comes in two sizes. Also the red looks better in person, a lighting thing. Vendors are encouraged to have an interactive activity/workshop to engage the customer. Unfortunately most were expensive $20+.

Minded a art thing made of those packing peanuts for an hour or two, the artist arrives and tells me about her work, and then leaves. O.o Thought she was going to hang around and talk to people about her work, inspiration and all. I was wondering how she made it and she said she stuck it all together and then painted it, rather than doing one by one, dipping/dying.

There was always someone minding it, reminding people to look up not touch. That was a waste of human resources, they could have had a sign, that and one that talked about the artist/artwork would be great too.

This is really cool, it's less than 1.5m but still life size. Don't get in - it's not solid.

I like this one, most simple piece of art. Also one than anyone can DIY.
We prefer art that has a specialization, something you can't easily replicate.

Anyone know what this style is called? It's not pop art is it?

Perfect for a summer house - framed of course. 
We had Ikea on site for all your framing needs.

Does every single picture really need a comment? 

The Gallery Area - so much space compared to Comic-Con.

Got bored, we moved to front of house assisting people figure out which line to get in, pre-paid and not. Lots of people asked what the event was O.o (I'm one to google everything first) interested but not when told it's $30 entry. Was suggested that we don't tell them it's $8 tomorrow, so they're more likely to come today. But with the $30 ticket you do get a drink and snack.

A guy left his dog, which he named "Oi" which I heard as "Roy". That umm... an interesting name. Lily and her friends went to the event, which I think is more for industry than the public. It also seems to be somewhere you come to be seen with friends and not for the solo person. You drink and look at art and probably will end up buying something. 

There were some great pieces, though I didn't buy anything. Love the French chic paintings, ghost/melting watermelon and heart cutout on floral bg. The last I thought was odd as it's DIY-able while most things aren't and are truly worth the purchase. 

Le beau bought this brooch for me as a random gift! :) Cloud pendent were painted with nail polish, the idea is that it chips away so you can see the silver metal under it. So creative! But also crazy overpriced at $25 - and yes some were sold. Pretzel earrings, thin metal sticks within? Lily bought the blue ones. 

Towards the end we went around picking up rubbish (mainly bottles/clear soda cups). M was had an eagle eye for it. M was someone I went to school with, I don't really know her (just someone in the common room) but she's really nice. She's doing events too, but her specialization is sport. Since we finished school she's traveled England and Europe (I think it was), and paid for it herself - pretty amazing. 

My feet hurt, so we didn't go for pancakes afterwards. Though le beau did drive me home. :) He was O.o about the rose as we had established long ago that I was Anti-V'Day and he was not to get me anything. I still have xmas chocolates left. :P 

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