Supergraph - Part 2 @ Sunday, February 23, 2014

Supergraph - Part 2

An English hipster who's a professor by day? 

Day 2. Exploring in daylight! Got some great shots, met artists, got told off for taking pictures w/o asking - she was busy, I'm not going to wait :P, everyone else is cool with it.

I quite like these, bought one to put in a frame.

This seems to be origami-esque art under cutout of shapes.

Melinda would love the sheep one.

I would love to do something like that deer, except with a bunny silhouette.

This was done by hand, and this vendor also drew custom portraits on the day.

Papermache cactus & custom stamps - hand carved.

Today we were stationed at "The Mass Drawing Table" tables made of cardboard spelling out 'Supergraph' (thanks Andrew for pointing this out, I totally missed it :P). By the sitting area with paper, pencils/textars there was a DJ. You could design a plate on paper and get it printed onto a plate and delivered for $35. Also you could buy cardboard seats for $35. Though with lots of use throughout two days they don't last - but you wouldn't use it that much, as say a bar stool. 

Pinned up the best works plus some kid's stuff. Kept the tables tidy, loving all the textars! They were on sale last week but I already have a basic set and don't get to use them much. Unlike le beau who still gets to do fun colourful posters for his class. 

Got better pictures of the food trucks, limited options we have a bar, coffee, froyo, burgers and bagels. We need a salad bar, sushi or something fresh. 

This is amazing! Note that we did not have watercolour pencils. Water + textars.
Such a shame that they're probably going to throw them out.
Wish they had an option to get it sent to you.

I see the wheel in the docklands and fed sq. Watermelon flavoured vodka :P.

 I love this. Have never commissioned a drawing of us yet, one day soon.

Is that SpongeBob SquarePants's house on vaccation? :P

By me! Not much of a drawer unfortunately. It started out as Madeline, but I got lost as I didn't have a reference picture and we didn't have all the colours. Her hat has a black bow on the back and it's her hair that is red. Also she wears gloves.

I love black textars. And tacos, though I'm a messy eater with them! Some either had lots of patience or was very bored to have cut up tiny bits of paper with child-safe scissors and then glue them. We met Andros (taco ^) an artist from Sydney, he does lots of graffiti and interesting things. Just because I wouldn't hand it on my wall doesn't mean it's not cool. :P We both love Mexican food! Unfortunately I've got work/classes for the next week and I'm completely booked out. 

There was some great drawings on the mountain peaks.

Picture of the week! 

Night, we closed the market umbrellas in the yard and some of the trucks went home. Attempted to tie down the canvas on the fence (covers up the view) but it was too windy and that failed so we took it down.

Really wanted to do the pinata workshop today but they were out of materials. Hopefully I'll still be awake after work tomorrow (it starts at 7am) to drop by before class!

Edit - Spacing errors don't show in edit mode! Anyone know how to fix that? 

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