Supergraph - Part 3 @ Monday, February 24, 2014

Supergraph - Part 3

This was the highlight of the expo for me.

The creator must have been an expert with all those dioramas you make at school!

The Growing Mountain of Secrets

 Is it a watermelon, ghost or both?

Lily loved this one and plans to do it with the kids.

Sweet William

This was all done with a pen, so much detailing!

I quite like this backdrop that looks like scales, simple, cheap and cool.

 Loved the fresh coconuts you could get. Shame you couldn't eat the inside too.
They're overpriced here, but I've seen them for like $3-$5 at asian markets.
And yes they do cut the top off for you.

Dessert - Froyo

No one really ate at this place.

But I heard the tacos are great, not sure what they are exactly...

Mr Burger was very popular - they sell hot chips!

Though this is what I really wanted, unfortunately no turkey/brie/cranberry this week. 

Dinner at 'Around the Bagel' always wanted the cranberry/turkey one but they didn't have it. There was beef, chicken and cheese. We let the guys choose, and went with the cheese as it's unique. They were very friendly, next event: White Night. Food trucks rarely come into the city due to space, plus there's plenty of food there already. 

What to get... the beef or cheese? Reflection of the REB.

So the cheese one I like! If you love cheese you'll like this. 
While I like it I wouldn't get it again, as I 'd like to try other bagels.

Did you go to Supergraph?

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