Gold Glitter Hearts @ Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monday 2nd February

This card is meh, too much white space.

Better, but I don't like the rhinestones. It's boxing on in the text.

Cards that aren't mine. We do love that quote.

Simple cards were made in class, dislike for simplicity. I like complex and glitter - lots of it. Does everyone have a friend who asks mint/gum and ends up eating half the pack? *sigh* She didn't mean to though, she just got carried away and went over the 3 she asked for.

First dance class, the theme "Levels of Frustration" I can't dance... Everyone else can though, most people were nice, but a couple were annoyed that I got lost so easily. There was a really nice couple, who helped those who were lost. As always with ballroom the crowd is grandparents. :P They forgot to say you got to BYO man. Fortunately the other ladies are happy to share and not every couple comes together to every class. Unfortunately le beau is away during the week and on Sunday afternoons so he can't come. :(


Unproductivity, lost in my dreams once again.

We ordered a bunch of books, checked email to find I'm working at two events on the same day, same time. Work isn't providing food (isn't it a legal thing, depending on the hours, 5+?) and we're working 4pm-11pm. Not sure if it's safe to take the tram back at that time...

Made dinner, 2.5hrs later we have cooked spaghetti, pitted olives (hand shrededd :P) and partically ripped/chopped basil/spinach. I discovered that it was easier to rip than chop.

Failed a job interview, it was nice of them to reply. If it's that hard to get jobs that don't pay, how hard will it be to get a job in the real world? :( Edit: A week later I was sent the roster which included me! 

We saw 'Saving Mr Banks' which I liked, and would recommend. I don't get why she's so attached to her daddy that she spends her life looking for a new one (as in figure) and also takes his name (his first name as her last name). I do like how she softens a little at times, and ends up sleepng cuddling a plushie, which she initally hated. She also asked the driver what his name was!

Kmart - Butterfly Mobile $12
Love that $7 corner thing, we must get it after I figure where to put it!
Don't you just love all these storage solutions? Cheaper than Howards's too!

Sugar Crystal Candy - Tastes like solidified sugar.
Has anyone tried to make this when they were little?

Love this! Flags made of the national food. We're hot dogs and mustard. :P Sadly American food is about quantity and not quality. England loves their tea with jam, cream and scones. Greece has their lovely feta and olives. Italy, everyone loves their pasta. Middle right I don't know what that one is, China? But I do love lychee! Fresh not canned, though I'll survive. And we love our Indian foods, tandoori, naan, butter chicken, paneer butter malsa. Desserts, not so much. 

12 Of The Coolest Offices In The World

40 Maps They Didn’t Teach You In School


 Bunnies on sale at the pet shop! $35 each.

She either lives in NY or has a side job.

Event at Bra n' Things at Chadstone. Everyone was invited.

There were chocolate cupcakes...

... and gift bags!

Something interesting I noticed is that life is easier when you're pretty, by you we mean your contouring skills most of the time. As I do think it's mainly men who are natural beauties, along with women in the past who does't wear as much make-up as Kim K, like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins). 

Have you noticed that it's dolled up Barbie legged girls in heels that get free entry, drinks and discounts? Something that happened tonight reminded me of that. Fortunately most events I go to aren't like that, actually almost none have 'hot chick benefits'.

Better late then never we still made it to dancing! Met some new guys, danced and took a bath after - on my own that is. ;)

Skip to Sunday...


Not my pictures. Water + Camera = Bad!

A bath with Lush's Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. Some like 'Candy Mountain' and 'A French Kiss' (mine and his favourite) are harder and don't dissolve instantly (positioning those ones right under the stream produces the most bubbles), those ones, that makes bubbles are called 'bubble Bar'.

Golden Wonder dissolves almost instantly, so drop it in when you're about to hop in and not when you're filling up the bath. The bath turns green and then settled on blue, with gold shimmer. I'd called the colour 'Mermaid Waters'. Lush says this one contains "golden lustre, dazzling colours and soluble gold stars", but I didn't see any stars... I like it but don't love it. Nice but it wasn't really as scented as the santa one, or have bubbles - but there was gold shimmer. 

We didn't see the yellow stars... 

Failed to go to work today. :( Sometimes the demons get you, though not if you run fast enough or aren't around. :P Weekends are not to be spent at home. We either see le beau, work or go to the library.

Update on the special something I'm making for our anniversary. Last week we analyzed the sizes, drafted them and did all the planning. This week we cut them out (took around 5mins for 60 of them) using a slide cutter thing (highly recommended for those who work with paper a lot) unfortunately you can't get the same precision with a guillotine style one.

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