Bras n' Things - Playboy's 60th Anniversary @ Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wednesday 5th February

Not my picture - not tall enough to take that.

Event at Chadstone. Think of 'The Paradises''s 'Ladies After Dark' but less exclusive and more bright lights. No candles, red drapery and things that could start a fire. :P Looks like everyone who RSVPed got in. 

It was in celebration of the 60th Anniversary of Playboy. I actually don't know what that is, other than a mansion full of girls who wear lingerie all the time and the creator, an old man who's dating some of them? With the brand they sell clothing, lingerie, perfume and maybe make-up. Edit: le beau tells me they do nude pictures, is that porn? I thought it was only porn if it was like a video kinda thing? 

Noel Gosiengfiao Photography   

Sheridan Fisher was at the event, oh wow she has very long legs! She looks exactly like in the ads. There's something odd about her smile, looks a bit fake? She was dressed like a bunny, with the bodysuit, tail, ears and cuffs. Yes they do sell the set in-stores. It's not for me though - I have a bunny so it's weird. She is 100% cute and 0% sexy.

Noel Gosiengfiao Photography 

Not my picture.

Refreshments were served, soda, sparkling wine, savory canapes and cupcakes. We had a mandarin soda, which was different. It was nice and very similiar to orange. Advantage of a big structured bag: it can hold your drink. :)

Chocolate cupcakes with artificial cream, the cupcake was nice. Fondant/sugar paste logo on top, not so much. While it's edible it still should be deco only.

We met Noel, a hobby photographer from Sydney who's specialization is events, beauty pageants, and fashion week. Not so much food. :P When not taking pictures he's traveling for work (IT), to Melbourne and Asia. Sounds amazing to have a job that travels, though perhaps not 2-3 times a week. We were curious if he had gotten free flights with all those miles? Yes he has. You can check out his work here

The event showcased the latest range of Playboy branded lingerie, lots of lace and satin. I think there was 3-6 sets presented. I like them but nothing really caught my eye. We like corsets and costumes - big fancy ones. 

After the mini show they had showbags, tissue paper is always a good idea. It's a marketing thing that makes things look fancy. Historically delicate things are wrapped in light coloured tissue paper to protect them from the elements, though nowdays they are more used to make things look elegance, fancy and expensive. Not sure about this shade of green...   

Inside the showbag was some poly-satin ears. Yay more headpieces! I have a lace one which I wore to the event, though not a shiny black one yet. There was also something practical - a washbag. Mini notebook, pen and a perfume. 

Pink with black ears on the cap and a hot pink bow. Smells fun and fruity, not my style. It smells like teens/20 something fashionable scent, a bit generic. Not my style, while I'm not a No.5 girl I like things that are different, rich scents and a few florals. 

Was hoping that they'd have an offer than would encourage you to make a purchase on the night (I shop almost only online with them) like 10-20% off or a $5 voucher with a minimum spend of $20, etc. We were going to check out some underwear, but it was pretty crowded.

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