Saving Mr Banks @ Friday, February 14, 2014

He looks familiar. Fake 'Red John' & pedo/kidnapper Timothy Carter.

Guy on the left, evil uncle from 'Ravenswood' a cross between PLLs & Supernatural.

Last Tuesday we saw 'Saving Mr Banks' which I liked, and would recommend. I don't get why she's so attached to her daddy that she spends her life looking for a new one (as in figure) and also takes his name (his first name as her last name). I do like how she softens a little at times, and ends up sleeping cuddling a plushie, which she initially hated. She also asked the driver what his name was, which was nice. 

Before seeing the film we saw a documentary/interview thing about her life made a couple years ago. The real Mrs Travers did not soften and her son or someone close to her said she loved no one and no one loved her, that's sad. Should have gotten a dog. Q&As.

Have you seen 'Saving Mr Banks'?

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