MS Colour Dash 2014 @ Sunday, February 02, 2014

I hurt myself... sunburn at work on both arms, we're never going outside ever again! So glad I wore long socks, most people were in shorts. Hope the chalk/powder prevented burning. In the unlikely event that we do go outside we shall wear high collared robes, Snape style.

Random loud event setting up.

That looks amazing (note that it was hot that day - and every day for the next few weeks). The event was in the Docklands far from the city, to reduce the mess. Probably not advisably to have your feet in the water. 

Today le beau, Lily (and a lot her & his teacher friends) and I (on my own) went to the Colour Dash, this is the 2nd event to be held in Melbourne. You run through checkpoints/stations and get different coloured dust/chalk thrown at you. It's cornflower, smells floral and tastes not nice. 

We did the photo area (provide chalkboards) and takes pictures of your team with your phone. Because the wind likes to change we got coated in green. With green and yellow being the main colours. There were leaf blowers to blow you clean XD. Fortunately the stuff comes off easily. My partner was Ron who was cool, he's very enthusiastic and showed it. He's really into events and was involved in the Olympics and Commonwealth Games. 

Half the people put their phones in a ziplock bag except when taking pictures, one guy was a genuis and glad wrapped his phone. My camera's waterproof so I'm ok.

Wore sunscreen on my face but not arms, and got sunburnt on both arms! That's what the drs diagnosed it as. I thought getting sunburnt was an Australian thing and didn't apply to me :P that wasn't the case. It's just the UV rays here are stronger than anywhere else in the world - I think.

The event finished at 12pm, as sport-ish running/cycling 
events tend to finish around lunch before it gets hot. 

"Raise $272 800 nationally and still counting!
In Victoria we saw 2,000 people cross the finish line 
... threw over 1.7 tonnes (1,700kgs) of coloured dust. "

Afterwards we went to the city to get pictures of the last piano and to redo 
some others (oh and we did play the piano by the river (or rather over) in the moonlight). 

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