Sunday in the City @ Monday, February 03, 2014

Sunday 26th January

The next event we're working at. Failed to notice it was a music festival. 

Boy attempted to steal/unlock our lock on the bridge, failed :P 

There are some vendors selling cheap balloon animals (limited designs).
More pictures of those designs coming up later this week.

Came across a Sunday market that was a no photo zone... discovered the tiny signs after I took all the photos. XD I don't get why no photos, as almost all of what they art crafty people sell aren't things you can do yourself at home. They're skilled in a certain area, and investing in something you'd do a couple times isn't worth it. I saw one thing that you could go DIY.

GEE-RAF Personalized Pencil Cases 0400 998 717
This lady does custom name pencil cases, and doesn't sell online. 
If only I needed a pencil case... I like the black bg music note one.

Unknown & twotreehouse - Candles & Lip Balm

I wish I was given cool cards like this (but with glitter) when I was little.

Milestone cards with roses, lot of them.

l'd like the blue one, or something with glitter - lots of it.

This one's so cute! There's one like it that says "If you were an ice cream you'd be my favourite flavour." I have six favourites from Helados and one is Durian :P Le beau says he'll be rosewater and pistachio or white choc & raspberry.

You can buy these at the Sunday Market at the Arts Center or online.

The Little Card Boutique. All these lovely cards were handmade.

There were stalls with nuts, crepes, cupcakes, mini pancakes and a bakery. If only we weren't heading to lunch. Luckily I'm in the city next Sunday, oh wait they're closed... Nevermind. One day we shall be back! When it's cold, and hopefully snowing. :P

Hand-painted tea towels - to be framed IMO, a work of art.

Eddie's Souvenirs 0431 458 736

I love these, would be an amazing wedding present (part of one).
Wedding presents really should be $100-150 pp, depending on the reception type.

The one thing I saw that you could go DIY on. Took a billion pictures and then say the sign :P. I'm accident prone and won't be going anywhere near a mini drill or pliers anytime soon, grandpa used to do all my jewelry stuff, which le beau does nowadays. I don't go places where you can't take pictures. That piano picture was why we were there, 2nd last photo op, missed.

Aerial Show with 6 planes which was pretty amazing 
(I don't do heights let alone plunges!).

Around the City & Bar Under a Bridge - with long lines. 

Lunch at Burger Edge on my own, le beau & Lily went to lunch with their friends, I was invited but didn't have ID... We were going to then all meet up for afternoon tea at LuxBite but I was tired to function and went home. Bombay Wrap at Burger Edge, it was good. Nothing I'd get again though, there's so much food to try in the city. Worth the $6 I paid? Yes. Worth $12? No.

Icy poles at the court on the roof, eaten at the station.
It was very good! Must buy the molds to go DIY soon. 
Love that it's windy down here, nice and cool.  

Home, nap (couch with plastic cover). Dreams of summer days, late to class! Missing health with Hector, my favourite class. :( Red arms, thought it was an allergic reaction. The doctors said it's definitely sunburn. Lukewarm (not warm, and definitely not hot!) bath, compresses and aloe vera gel. It will get worse before it gets better! Anyone else ever got sunburnt?

On Saturday we had pizza, BBQ & Sweet Chicken (not together). BBQ was great, the other was meh. Lots of toppings and a good base. We'd totally get the BBQ again.

Anonymous Anonymous said... on February 5, 2014 at 10:12 AM  

Looks like a fab day out. I love markets. Unfortunately I always seem to only find out about them after the fact.

It is always so much fun looking at what other people can do with their arts and crafts skills. That no-photo thing is a bit strange. I've seen it in some bridal fabric stores too. Not sure what they think you'll do with those photos.

Blogger Charlie said... on February 5, 2014 at 10:55 PM  

Hi Peach,
This one runs almost every Sunday, and if you're into craft markets you should check out the 'Market Roll' they have event listings.

With anything bridal you can take a picture, go to China and get it replicated at a cheap price.

Arty Craty things you might replicated and sell at a cheaper price on etsy. But only people with lots of time do that, normal people might go DIY but only make it for themselves and friends, not for profit.

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